Well, hello.
I am very sorry for being noobish but I have a question.
Let me start from afar - once I found Space Station 13 wiki by surfing the Net randomly. I liked the idea of a "game" and the way it works, so I thought that it's worth all the problems that may occur while understanding all this BYOND stuff. Then I met another problem - my good old friend Laptop has gone to a better place (hopefully, only for a while) so I have come up with some strange idea: -Is it possible to play SS13 on an android tablet? Trying to find android oriented versions of BYOND didn't help much (probably because Im dumb and blind idiot), so I tried to find similar questions on forums. That was a somewhat successful work, cause there are a few, but the problems is that I still didn't get if it's possible or not and if the answer is "yes" then how?
So I decided to ask politely on forums, hoping that some stranger's soul will whisper an answer. Anything will do, from simple stuff like "hey, bro there IS a special version" and installing some addidional programmes to installing windows XP emulator on this tablet.(yes, it's that bad. Try to understand, I was getting ready for a year, reading tutorials, wikis, such stuff and then my PC flips the b... table in my face)
So, if it's here is a way to get BYOND and SS13 working on a tablet then tell me how, if not, then tell me a big NO, please.
P.S. IDK if it's important, but I found that "Puffin" web browser that can run "flash" and has a controllable mouse/cursor and fully optional keyboard and "gamepad" with left "stick" and 4 customisable buttons to the right (any pc keyboard button can be simulated, from Esc and F1-12 to arrows, caps, alt, isert, delete, end and such.
Realistically your better off using a laptop or PC.

You can try to use the webclient if the SS13 server in question lets you use the webclient. But the webclient typically has lower performance/stability than dream seeker.
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Why, thank you, sir! I will try atleast. The problem is that my PC is gone for quite a while, so I started seeking alternatives. Thanks again.
There should be something like WINE, since Android is based on Linux. Not sure if it's usable but I did come across something like that, not on Google Play.