Hello Readers! Robertus2 recently bumped up the contest thread for Game in a Day 2018, questioning if GIAD2019 was going to be held on the same date. Up to this moment, I don't believe that anyone has taken claim to hosting GIAD this year, so if you have any inclination of doing so, grab the torch and go! As ACWraith would advise, Don't wait for permission. Act now. Apologize later!


BYOND 513 has entered into private beta testing! BYOND Developer Lummox JR reports that the reason for a private beta test was to flesh out unusual bugs (like compilation failures due to the alphabetical sorting of symbols) before going public. An attempt to color emojis was made, and back in 512, bugs with the error handling and the client eye were resolved, with some detailed information regarding the latter topic over on Patreon. Looking way down the timeline, a concept covering shadow casting was shared as well.


Tutz and Thales of Nordex shared a video of their first original song, which also happens to be the theme song for Azusa RP Online! In celebration of the song dedicated to the game, Inutaishos is holding a contest to promote sharing the video and game with friends, and in return receive a chance of winning a copy of the game along with some Patreon benefits. The game itself has moved to version 1.2.3, featuring aesthetic improvements to armors, running, and a few improved RP commands.

Tafe has concluded his latest BYOND project, Indivinity, by releasing the source code files in hopes that others who follow will be able to pick up, learn, and use his now-discontinued work. Creepy looking clock monsters included.

Islands are prepped to be captured and ruled over in FakeBishop's Paradise Blue! He covers in-depth how islands can be taken over and what prospective conquistadors can do to keep their population and economy healthy and thriving. New herbs can be found growing throughout the islands, new weapon techniques have been developed, and player stats and perk costs have been adjusted. Coming to a nearby update: Prison, fishing gear, mechanic items, and cooked food.

Engineers received all of the love in this month's update of Sigrogana Legend 2. New skills allow the class to release a robot on-site, getting some extra firepower and protection from enemies. A handful of existing Engineering skills received a boost as well.

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  • Aiota has released his first module to his GUI Handler published last year. NPC Dialogs will help get those townspeople chatting for sure.
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