The School District

by Travylleb
The School District
Enroll yourself in the center of conflict and chaos between two prep boarding high schools and a historic rivalry that binds them.
I'm posting today to let everyone know what's going on with TSD Online.

Hurricane Dorian recently devastated the Bahamas--where Travie, the creator of TSD Online, lives. Travie will not be able to return to active development until things normalize in his home country.

Travie is one of the lucky few who live on what's left of the dry land. The majority of the island nation is currently covered in water:

(Travie is rather lucky; These are pictures taken by one of Travie's neighbors)

Local markets and utilities have been affected and this will hamper Travie's ability to connect to the internet for awhile. (He currently only has access through cell phone usage)

I will be resuming development and testing on my own until Travie can return to active development. Luckily, Travie has access to IM through his cell phone data plan and will still be able to discuss development plans with me.

Despite the problems caused by hurricane Dorian, Travie is eager to keep updates rolling for TSD Online. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to conduct a public server test once Travie is back online.

In the meantime, Stay safe!

Until next time,
I hope everything get better, much better, for people in Bahamas and our boy Travie.