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I am suggesting a new variable, client.zoom, which would affect the way view is calculated and enforced. By default, client.zoom is 1 and has no effect on view calculations.

If client.zoom is changed to 2, then a view of 5x5 is enforced as if it is 10x10.

If client.zoom is set to 4, then a view of 5x5 is enforced as if it is 20x20.

As of now, performing a screen zoom via a plane master requires you to use a view size that is correct only for an unzoomed screen -- in other words, the game/engine does not acknowledge a plane master's zoom when it comes to view settings, and so you are always left with turfs outside the bounds that are processed regardless of whether you actually see them. The only way around this is to screen zoom by setting your map control's icon-size or zoom settings, but all developer control is lost in this case.

Something similar to my client.zoom variable would remedy this.

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I don't fully understand your request, to be honest. Can you explain it another way?

Specifically, I have no clue what you mean by "enforced as".

Turfs being processed out of bounds isn't actually a bad thing, necessarily, as it may well be that they appear in certain cases. Additionally, if they use big icons that would tend to exceed normal turf bounds (beyond a certain point), they'll get marked as "extended" and always processed in case the icon ends up in the client's viewport.
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I'll try to explain it a bit more.

If you use plane zoom the tiles outside your fov are still rendered regardless. That is the only reason people still use the map zoom functionality to this day (including me), because you can cut the view down and still maintain the zoom, thus the performance gets a lot better.

What we want is an option to not render the tiles outside of the plane zoom, simillar to a cut on the view size but that would allow to maintain the same plane zoom level. How you'd got about it is entirely up to you tho, who'll know the best way to implement it.

I garantee that many want this functionality aswell, since with this we could maintain HUD sizes with plane zooms and get a boost on performance aswell.

Please Lummox.
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This is still clear as mud. You're making up terms like "plane zoom" and "map zoom" and expecting me to know what you mean. I need absolute clarity here.
Plane zoom = using Scale() on a PLANE_MASTER to zoom the view in.

Map zoom = using the map.zoom parameter to zoom the view in.
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That helps a little, but it's still not at all clear to me what's being requested here and why.

Perhaps if it's broken down into very specific use cases it'll make more sense.
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Well I don't feel like I'm making up terms since they're used at large in the community.

What hasn't been clear? I can try to explain it if you say where you're not getting it.

Using Scale() on a PLANE_MASTER to zoom the view in, doesn't stop the tiles outside your field of view of being rendered, wich is a bad thing since the performance gets pretty low;

What we want is a way to make the tiles outside your field of view WHILST using Scale() on a PLANE_MASTER to zoom the view in (tiles outside of your screen) to not be rendered
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Did it become clear now? Is it feasible to do something to fulfill the request?