Chronicles Royale

by ClassicWhatev
Fast-paced action-packed shooter with various game modes
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Controls (Strongly recommend using a Mouse):
W,A,S,D to move
Click to Shoot/Attack
Number Slots are not customizable.
1 - Melee Weapon
2 - Ranged Weapon
3 - Basic Magic
4 - Support Magic
Item Slots are customizable.
Q - Item Slot 1
E - Item Slot 2
R - Item Slot 3
F - Item Slot 4
Any Mode:
Drag Items from your inventory to the Item Slots (Q,E,R,F)
Royale Mode:
Walk over Weapons & Magics to equip them to the Number Slots (1,2,3,4)
Horde Mode:
Click Weapons & Magics from your inventory to equip them to the Number Slots (1,2,3,4)

Royale mode - Free for all death match PVP (2 player min.)
Horde mode - Casual PVE gameplay (1 player or more)
CTF - Capture the Fairy - 4 teams, 1 Fairy (coming soon - 3 player min.)
Freeze Tag - free for all or 2 teams (coming soon - 3 player min.)
Manhunt - tag in the dark (coming soon - 2 player min.)

Loadout allows you to start with any item/weapon/magic once you earn enough coins to purchase through the shop. This functions differently per game-type.

Coming Soon:
I plan on eventually making my own graphics for the game, but for testing purposes I am waiting - I am not good at graphics
Pets - adds perks to your character during each match
More Items for Horde Mode
Quests for Horde Mode
More Areas for Horde Mode

Graphics are from RPG Maker