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So im going to give as much detail as i can for a problem ive had since 2012 or so.

I used to play a game called rpu, which used an in game browser to create character profiles via html. As the years rolled by, those in game browser windows loaded slower and slower on my old drive. I got my new pc in 2015 or so, and it was an instant load for a while, until it started again after a few years, to the point where rpu (now no longer online anyway) or other games that used in game browser (my current problem) immediately hang when they try to use one.

That being said the game im trying to join displays an in game browser as soon as you logon, to show update logs and whatnot. Because of this my dreamseeker immediately hangs up after i get passed the advertisement window.

I've gone through and deleted internet explorer cache files in the past, ive deleted my cache via byonds pager and by manually deleting the folder, ive changed configs to configs_old to regenerate them, and ive gone through and deleted every byond file i could find in my PC before reinstalling (only located anything in my documents, and program files)

any help would be appreciated, the sooner the better since this game wont be up for long, just a nostalgia thing with some old friends who own it.
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This really reeks of another program getting in the way. What antivirus do you use?
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Windows defender, formerly avg on my old pc

current pc specs also include
windows firewall
windows 10 home edition
3.4 ghz quad core process
8 gb ddr3 ram
ethernet with 100megabit down and around 14 up
I dont quite know if Bumping works on this forum but id still really like to get to the bottom of this, makes a great many games on the platform unplayable.
Something is clearly preventing IE from running properly. At a minimum I would suggest reinstalling IE to see if that fixes anything. Failing that, try Process Explorer and see if it provides any clues.
does byond mesh particularly well with any specific version of IE? im willing to toss an older version on my system if that will help.

I went straight for trying to sniff with process explorer, couldnt find any sub processes to dreamseeker as im not familiar with the program but this image is the performance monitoring feature while an in game browser loads. It was sitting at 10-11% cpu usage and it actually goes down and stays down until it loads.
You should be using IE11.

There's absolutely something on your system interfering with the browser control's operation. Maybe it'd help to see a list of programs from the Details tab of the task manager.