Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!

Legendary Item Changes

Tweaks to legendary equipment stats and drop rate. They should be slightly easier to find.

Hidden Treasure Changes
X Marks the spot event will now let you know when the treasure vanishes.

EXP Changes

Exp from monsters cut off point has been tweaked,
Previously Enemies 30 levels below you would no longer provide you with any EXP.  Now everything will always give you exp, however if you are too high a level they will give you reduced exp.
New formula if your level is 15% + 30 higher than the enemy they will no longer give 100% exp.
So an enemy level 100 will give you full exp until you are level 145.
A level 300 enemy will give full exp until lv 375 etc.

Ambition Changes

Weight Training now increases ambition 2% per minute.
The EXP changes above also means you can train ambition by hunting lower level enemies.

Season System

World Season: Seasonal rewards will be rewarded depending on achievements and season level reached during the season. 

Season Level: All enemies no matter what level will provide season exp. So if you wan’t to go on a rampage in a lower level area feel free to do so. However we do recommend going after daily bosses and finding hidden treasure for the best results.

Season Rewards: Players will automatically receive season rewards once they reach the goal. Rewards can be found in the Season Menu

End season rewards will be posted nearing the end of the season. ~3 months per season.

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