Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
(Sorry to intrude, CauTi0N. Iain mentioned that some of the CQ regulars and others showed an interest in helping test for GIAD 2011, and since the blog forums are gone now, this was the next best place to contact them)

I've been working with Iain to get the judging under way for GIAD 2011 (yikes, it's already 2012!). We need some play testers to help us with the multiplayer games. I'm hoping to host sessions the next two weekends (around Feb 11th/17th) but I'm open to shifting things around depending on people's schedules. If you're interested, please post on the thread in the Contests & Events forum. For fairness, people who submitted entries will not be allowed to be apart of the testing. There are more details in the other thread.

Don't feel guilty. Take a look at that thing...oh, what was it called again? the Cartridge Classic II. Held by one of those two site owners...what was his name? Lummox JR.
Sounds good DC. Yeah, the new site made things pretty difficult for everything, and this was the perfect place for this post.