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Yeah, that's what has me confused so much. I've had Afterburner and Riva running in the background for ages, vigilantly keeping my GPU cool. I mean, when you're running six fans in your case you get paranoid and you need a program to manage them all.
For those having this issue, please report the problem to MSI. You can send them this link for reference: d3d-device-invalidated-or-destroyed-prematurely/57938551
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As a side note, almost as soon as I got the issue fixed by disabling MSI nAfterburner, now the program also prevents me from playing Sims 4 in my Origin Launcher. I'm not sure if MSI needs to be updated or if this is a progressively spreading problem, but if anyone else sees this issue, I urge you to contact MSI as soon as possible or temporarily uninstall MSI Afterburner
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I had a report on my last news thread in the SS13 subreddit that someone has a similar problem but is not using MSI Afterburner. They are however using ShareX which might do the same kind of thing. I haven't had any followup from them so it's not clear where the problem lies.

My current working theory is that Microsoft's latest update messed something up pretty badly in a class of programs like Afterburner, and it isn't necessarily strictly a fault in Afterburner itself, but nevertheless the ball's in their court to deal with it.

If I could come up with a workaround for BYOND I would, but the cause of the issue is external to our code and nothing I can control, or as far as I know even detect.
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