Hello Readers! Multiverse7 put together an archive of Ter13's games, libraries, and resources so that his work can continue preserved and available even though his account has become marked as inactive. While the #2 helper of all time is moving on, left behind are also a multitude of tutorials and page after page of incredible advice and snippets in developer help.


BYOND Developer Lummox JR reports that pre-beta testing of BYOND 513 is going well, with a handful of bugs tucked away. Vars can now share a name with built-in procs, pager crashes stemming from updating libraries have been resolved, and several more! While Lummox JR was digging around fixing issues with the pager, he noted that piece of software could use a bit of sprucing up, like revisiting how messages are displayed.


Pride Ravanok has shared the latest upgrades to Rise of the Pirates after resuming active development one month ago. The newest upgrades mean that all monster defeats now earn the combatant experience and seasonal points, albeit lesser at higher levels, rare legendary equipment is a tad bit easier to find, and ambition can be gained by crushing low-leveled monsters or by weight training.

Two new bosses, with a third on his way, have been added to Paradise Blue. The Pirate themed roleplay game also has begun to push party player limits during certain conflicts. Island villagers have discovered more efficient ways to store their food, results in slower hunger rates, and for players, chef skills permit food to be consumed more effectively. The cartographers have made notations of three new islands to explore and overtake, and numerous smaller adjustments have been made throughout the game.

The latest word from the Spires of Agartha is that with the protectors of the Spire Isles defeated, a new colony of around 1500 citizens, Reimara, has been established, and at that, Spire Clusters were discovered, giving enough power to create a Wonder. Adventurers may continue to explore the island where Reimara has been established, and changes to the game's roleplaying points system have been made. In Spells, cooldowns have been cut, and some AoEs persist for an extended amount of time.

Orange55 shared a PSA that the project leader for The School District: Online, Travylleb will be unavailable to work on the project due to the widespread destruction wrought on the Bahamas by hurricane Dorian. He reports that Travylleb and his home are alright, but extensively damaged infrastructure and utilities prevent him from presently resuming development on the project, so best of luck to him during the recovery. In the interim, Orange55 is continuing to make progress on the school-life RP game, with hopes to release a public beta test by time Travylleb is back online.

Mouse commands are now significantly more responsive in Zenith's Call. As the game is largely dependent on mouse controls, usability has been improved from character positioning to menu interactions. Additionally, lighting issues in the isometric RPG have been corrected, and quest rewards previews disappear after taking on the quest.

This screen-capture was overlooked in the previous edition of Within BYOND, where Magicsofa showed-off a beautifully-pixeled combat game. The terminology used in the death messages seems to hint at a computer-themed game, but as to the setting or what all of the shooting is about? We'll just have to wait for the next teaser.

BYOND Resources

  • Legobumb has created a new library featuring a HUD based approach to Skillbars!
  • A quick shout out to Eric Matyas, while not strictly a BYONDer, does regularly offer up an amazing amount of royalty-free music and images!
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It's a shame that ter is hanging up his (byond) coding boots. Hats off to him for leaving behind a plethora of help and tutorials he has provided over the years. He will be missed.
Great post!
I reactivated the account per several requests, at least until which time Lummox implements a less aggressive account neutering system. Unfortunately, my accounts have been targeted several times in the past, so that's why I deactivated it while I'm not actively checking in on anything.

I won't be around to offer assistance with anything I've released in the past, and I would strongly recommend that instead of using any of my code, you learn the concepts yourself and write your own implementations to best suit your own projects.

You will benefit far more from doing that than you will using unsupported code some idiot on the internet wrote.
In response to Ter13
Ter13 wrote:
I reactivated the account per several requests

Thanks, Ter13! Your games, libraries, and posts are important examples of showing what BYOND can do. I know when I first started on BYOND, I didn't imagine some of the things possible now would ever be possible. Thanks for helping the BYOND community!
So why is one of the smartest idiots on the internet leaving the community?
In response to 2DExtremeProductions
Because BYOND
In response to 2DExtremeProductions
probably just wants to code in peace; without all the baggage that comes with working on something related to BYOND
In response to Orange55
Orange55 wrote:
probably just wants to code in peace; without all the baggage that comes with Orange55


In response to NSBR
NSBR wrote:
Because BYOND

The software or the community?

I'm actually interested on Ter13s reasons, considering the quality of the person that is leaving the community, just banishing without at least some small manifesto would be a terrible loss.

How about it Ter13?

In response to 2DExtremeProductions
Ter not sharing his reasons for leaving BYOND is (likely) intentional. A clean break generates no negativity and makes it easy to return if he wants to later on.

Is it the best decision? Who knows. But it's certainly a reasonable one.
In response to Orange55
Indeed. I know something of his reasons but could only give you a garbled overview at best, and it's not my place to speak about it. Ultimately it's nobody's business but his own.
Ter not sharing his reasons for leaving BYOND is (likely) intentional.

Me giving my reasons for leaving would not inspire anyone to make something cool with the software, nor would it generate a positive reaction from the community, so it's probably better that I not try to force other people to read my feelings on something that other people have every right to feel their own way about.

Do you. Make cool shit. Don't look up to people like me. I never wanted the reputation or inflated status I have here. Nobody should want it. Nobody should get it. I wanted people to swap code with and to solve complex problems in creative or efficient ways. That's what a community is about.

There's no drama in my stepping out. There's no hate that wasn't already there. BYOND doesn't need to do more than it already does to "deserve" my interest, nor does my feedback on the community ultimately mean anything. My leaving or my staying doesn't decide where this weird, wild journey ends, and I'm still maintaining my patreon donation to Lummox, because I respect what he's doing. He's always been willing to fix the weird bugs that crop up when I start poking at the soft parts of the engine, and he's always been willing to entertain my insane rants about how things should work. The guy's a saint and put up with too much of my shit over the years.

You can all make cool stuff with the software. Don't burden yourself with the opinions of toxic people. Don't seek approval. Just make cool shit and tell your friends about it. Also, be nice to Lummox. When he grows up, he'll decide all of our fates with that death beam he's always going on about.
In response to Ter13
Ter13 wrote:
You can all make cool stuff with the software. ... Also, be nice to Lummox. When he grows up, he'll decide all of our fates with that death beam he's always going on about.

I'm Woo, and I approve this message.
It's good to see you, Yut
In response to Ter13
I see.

So, are you continuing game development? What is your dream?
In response to Magicsofa
Magicsofa wrote:
Orange55 wrote:
probably just wants to code in peace; without all the baggage that comes with Orange55


Orange man bad!
they dont know that one