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There are several forms of training and each one is only efficient within certain level ranges.

A good portion of training is best performed on the Kai planets (you must die and run snakeway), but this isn't an option for Androids. For Androids, your best bet as far as I recall is to absorb a large energy blast from another player (...or get creative and use a secondary account to charge yourself) and then lift weights.

Some training is better when you're wearing weighted clothing. Back in the day pretty much everyone had this, but I'm not really sure how -- money is actually extraordinarily hard to get and goods are very expensive. I think some of the GMs used to just create trillions of zeni and it would just get handed out and flow through the players like a river of gold. You can try hunting bad guys for crappy money, then wishing for more with the dragonballs.

Note on weights: In earlier versions of the game, it was easier to calculate the experience you'd get based on how much weight you were lifting -- in the newer versions, the amount of exp gained from weights doesn't appear to directly correspond to their actual weight & damage they inflict when lifting. Every 25 levels you can lift a heavier weight, and leveling up will become slightly faster for a little while, then slow down again.

Without further ado, here's the rest of the guide that I nabbed from someone else.

Disclaimer: Beyond this point, this is not my work; these guides I'm posting are just bits of obscure info I found in other forum posts around the web. Original links included where possible.

================================= t1-humanoid-non-android-race-training-guide


Okay, this guide is for the new players just starting to play Clan DBGT 2.
First: When you login you will be one of three classes "Low ranked" Medium Ranked" or
You might think it'll be good to be Elite ranked but it's really not Yes it's
easyer to train in the first levels but over time you're level up's will be worse and worse
compared to those of Low ranked individuals.

Second: For races such as Halfbreed's, Saiyan's, Human's, Namek's, Dragon's, Tuffles and
Icers. You're characters are considered "Humanoid races" meaning when you die you either
have to walk Snakeway or Find you're way out of the depths of hell.

Unfortunately the first thing you must do on this game is die if you are one of these
races. But it's deffinately not as bad as it sounds.
So after you die you have to walk Snakeway to King Kai's.

Level 1-5:

Through level 1-5 you will need to walk on the grassy area of King Kai's planet.

Level 5-15(20)

Once you have reached level Five you will then want to go into the room's to the Right of
King Kai.
In these rooms your pl will decrease rapidly but you will get great xp.
You will get knocked out once you run out of pl and once you respawn on King Kai's you will
just go repeat the same thing. It will start out that you die ALOT but it gets way easyer.
Id suggest that you walk in there till Level 20 since you get kaioken then which will make
it easyer to walk on Kaio-Shin's.

Level 15(20)-35

At this point it's best to either walk on Kaio Shin's or Shadowbox.
Either way is very efficeant.
Be careful on Kaio Shin's because your pl does decrease fast and in mass amounts.
This is where kaioken at level 20 comes into play.
When useing kaioken if there are Five didgets in your PL you use the first two didgets and
if there are six didgets you use the first three didgets of it.
Be careful putting the amount in because one number off can lead to death.

Level 35-325, 350-400

Welcome to the world of lifting.
This can get quite boring but it's all worth it in the long run.
To lift continuously you're going to have to pill.
You can buy pills From Dr. Brief (they cost 500 zenni) Which is located in either South or North city.
(Saga's give zenni)
Ask an older player for directions to this place and there will be someone who helps.

Crank the gravity up to 800 and lift away. Make sure you keep your stamina/Powerlevel up.
(At 150 Halfbreed's talk to Elder Kai and start his training for Mystic)

Level 120-250

At level 120 you can start sparing on someone within 50 levels of you.
Or you can kill For Exp.
You get 5% per kill.
[Raventhe's edit: haha sure. Get ready to train an alt account aaaaall the way to 120 so you can continue progressing. You can still lift weights through this level range, which at some points will actually be faster than sparring, so try it out every 25 levels.]

Level 325-350, 400-(XXXX)

Ki room quite simple run around and try to avoid the ki blasts.
Make sure you have ALOT of pl though.
It's advised to run on the Very hard setting since Impossible takes alot of pl away if you
get hit by a ki blast.

Make sure you have senzu's and a Full Weighted Cloth set.
Senzu's cost 10k zenni each a bit pricey
And a full weighted Cloth set cost 15 mill zenni.