I'm just trying to get the source code to work. I don't know anything about coding, at all. I'm not trying to make Rise of Heroes 4000: Extended Ultimate Edition or what the hell ever. A few friends and I who played the game a decade ago as kids just picked it back up for funsies and it'd be nice to be able to mess with some things that don't take coding knowledge like messing with shop prices, etc. Ideally we'd just be able to play Regenerated but alas, fate is a cruel mistress. Anyways, I figured out how to add the libraries it needed to actually run, opened the game and I'm a disembodied ghost on a random part of the map. There's no login menu, etc. So it turns out there's a thing called the that was commented out because it wouldn't compile???

// Spawn here to avoid problems with calling prompts during login.

This is the part that is giving me an error message of:
"Rise of Heroes.dme:22:error: /: not a prototype"

It seems like a lot of is redundant with the added library of Character Handling by Deadron but I literally have no idea what's going on.

Sorry if this is crazy vague, any ideas?
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