Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Lighting System
  • This has now been fully implemented for exterior areas. Lighting behaves similarly to Loyrwell Tombs's interior dungeon area.
  • You can also use this system inside of your player house;
    - Each house level has 4 lighting presets.
    - You can customize the level of darkness, the secondary light color, and the secondary light color intensity for each preset.
    - Preset 1 is automatically loaded upon entering the house. The rest can be loaded via Preset Changers that you can buy at the chest next to Matsuri.
    - Furniture that should generate light now have it, and some can be toggled on and off by double clicking the placed item.

New Preference
  • Predicted Movement - When set to on, when you select Move, a path will automatically be set to the nearest enemy.

Class Adjustments
  • Martial Artist
    - Phoenix Talon - Max rank changed to 3. Damage changed to Rank * 10 (same max). Duration changed to 5 rounds. Now also restores HP equal to the bonus damage when triggered.
  • Mage
    - Whispering Cant - Now only applies to Offensive category spells.
  • Ghost
    - Blood Spike - 8% HP cost (from 5%), 2 round CD (from 1)
    - Scarlet Twister - 2 round CD (from 1)
    - Ether Invitiation - Attack now only occurs if the target has Claret Call on them after the effect.
  • Monk
    - Terra Strike - +1 Range per 5 Ki (from 3), max of 6
  • Bonder
    - Plie, Jete, Avant - Stat ratio changed to 175% + 75% per Rank (from 150% + 50% per Rank).
  • Boxer
    - Schwarz Sturm - When using a non-Boxer skill, the level is reduced by 2 instead of resetting to 0.
  • Black Knight
    - Castling - Max rank changed to 3. DEF Bonus changed to 3 + 2 per Rank (same value at max). Range increased by 3 if Black Wind has been invoked this turn.
  • Arbalest
    - Chained Boomerang - Max rank changed to 3. FP cost changed to 10 at all ranks. Hit Penalty changed to 30% - 10% per Rank (of weapon weight).