Hello Readers! This column is out late this week, but more importantly, October is quickly approaching, which means that National Cybersecurity Awareness month is getting close! Take a few moments to review how to keep your accounts safe, update your email address, and consider changing the password if it is one you've used elsewhere on the web. Following those tips will help prevent anything spooky from happening. Now let's check out the latest developments around BYOND!


If all goes well this week in BYOND 513's pre-beta testing period, a public release could be seen the following week! BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been steadily fixing bugs in the latest update, Regex has been a source of thorns, a crash was straightened out, and maptext links work as expected. Features saw work as well, with the pager receiving an updated chat layout, internal structures stabilized, plane values were expanded, and float_planes were explained.


Soma Ryudo of the Mana Productions team has shared the latest progress being made on Astral Stigma. The RPG currently features combat with up to four other team-mates or AI players, several combative and supportive spells, and a custom account system. For those looking to see a first-hand account of their game and its combat in action, a video has been shared.

Crazah has been continuing to make changes and improvements to Zenith's Call. Click-based interactions have been expanded and improved, with many of the past week's development notes being related to the mouse. Early testers are rewarded with a daily treasure chest, quest requirements have been reduced, player connections are announced, and pathfinding is more reliable.

Yut Put has shared his latest creation, Zen 2, a 3D building game! First, A forty-five-minute video featuring the game was posted, followed shortly by a download link. The game is comprised of blocks, which can be arranged around a Level block to gain levels, unlocking new tools and blocks, which can be used to further gain levels!

Devourer Of Souls posted about the latest improvements to Sigrogana Legend 2, mentioning that a new multi-colored lighting system has been implemented, and that player pathfinding is more responsive. Additionally, a handful of skills from several classes have been modified.

Rise of the Pirates had a quick update shared by Pride Ravanok. Daily kill quest requirements have been cut to a fourth of their previous demands, with a cap on how difficult monsters can be. Boss chests are now a bit sweeter, and several bugs have been squashed.

Domdavden has announced that Magicosm, a fantasy role-playing game, is nearing a release! Out of the many systems the game has, logins, combat, and powers were featured in his update log, also mentioning how each class currently has two specific quests to complete.

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