This week the weather took a turn and I was in a flurry of development, putting out a new release for 512, and also one for 513 with a ton of bug fixes. Between me and the private beta testers, 513.1489 racked up an impressive number of bugs found and squashed. Since I haven't been counting these bugs officially anywhere, just keeping an informal changelog, here's what went into the mix most recently:
  • render_source/target weren't included in var read/writes for mutable_appearance
  • Logic for * render_targets was broken, causing them to be drawn anyway
  • /icon datums did not work as the icon var in filters
  • Right-aligned maptext could not be measured correctly in MeasureText()
  • Maptext measurements now handle italic overhangs correctly
  • File dialogs were broken
  • Find/replace in Dream Maker's code editor sent incomplete text to output pane
  • Dream Maker's object tree was broken, failing to show any mappable objects yet oddly showing some non-mappable ones
  • Planes weren't transmitting properly from the server (regression in 513.1487), resulting in strange effects
  • Also includes patches from 512.1488
So that's what I've been up to.

Last week I mentioend a 513 wide release would be likely this week. I've decided now that I want to do that next week, early if possible, so I can do some last-minute housekeeping and also because I'm in the middle of some other stuff. The wide release is a big deal because it basically means I'm gonna stop pushing 512 updates at that point and move entirely to 513, which is why the extra caution about housekeeping is warranted. Plus, I haven't yet built a Linux build and I honestly have no idea if the compiler is gonna crap the bed when I do, so I'm sure I'm in for some nasty little surprises where a few code changes do something the compiler doesn't like, requiring me to make a number of updates first.

Fall is here with a vengeance now, reminding us that Halloween is less than 4 weeks away. I remain strong in my battle against the temptation to buy a bag of Take 5s or Baby Ruths. In the meantime, get your games and costumes ready! And since all the ice cream shops are closed, take that couch cushion money and shoot a little love BYOND's way. Supporting BYOND through Membership, donation, or on Patreon or SubscribeStar is cheap, easy, and earns you points with jolly gift-givers of legend. And thanks to everyone who helped BYOND in September!
"Last week I mentioend"

Any thoughts on adding atan, atan2, hypot, etc to the DM language?
arctan() with 1 or 2 arguments is in 513.
Update: It's looking unlikely I'll release 513 wide this week. More detailed explanation to follow in the next news post, but suffice it to say the early week got derailed and the late week is never a good time for a big release. I'll give the SS13 guys a little more time to test the changes and continue shoring up stuff on my end in the meantime.