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Greetings! Perhaps this question might seem really "noobish", but I am pretty "noobish". If I have something like this:
usr << sound(null)
var/sound/S = sound('hq music/flamium.ogg') = 5
usr << S

How and where do I use SOUND_PAUSED | SOUND_UPDATE??? I did read the "Help On..." guide but I seem to be confused on how to use this. I apologize for this question and thank you in advance!!!

Best response
Like channel, status is a variable of the sound object. You have to set it and then re-output it to its listeners for it to take effect. If you need it to happen outside of this verb, then you simply need a variable outside of the verb to refer to the sound.
Thank you so much! This explains a lot!
One thing to keep in mind is that the /sound datum is not stateful; changing the datum doesn't change what's playing unless you send it as output, and then it only changes if you use the same sound channel. You could create a whole new /sound datum with the same parameters and sending that would do the same thing as sending the original.

Or to put it more simply, /sound is nothing more than a set of instructions that only have meaning when they're sent as output.