Humble Bundle is running a promotion on several game development kits at this very moment, and of particular interest to me is the one they have labeled as Make Your Card Game. While the pay-what-you-want (or get more by paying-what-they-want) bundle is marketed for card games, many of the assets have a lot of usability as interface elements, turfs, and objects. So once you've finished planning out your next creation, check out what developers around BYOND have been improving and promoting!


The public release for BYOND 513 is now looking closer to being early next week, on account of a large number of bugs being uncovered and fixed. BYOND Developer Lummox JR shared a brief patch list for the unreleased beta and issued a bit of speculation regarding a Linux build. Over on Patreon, he lamented the joys of dealing with variable fonts.


The portal to Halloween Town has been reestablished in Rise of the Pirates! The seasonal event offers pirates a chance to go trick-or-treating around the town, just watch out for the tricks! The treats feature several goodies, the rare ones being a black boar mask and a gigantic pumpkin mount. Changes were made to seasonal levels, and a doubloon raffle is being held, with entry being earned though sharing thoughts on Steam.

Paradise Blue is looking forward to the future... Literally, the in-game timeline is being moved forward two years! I don't know the lore behind the push, but there are plenty of incentives being offered for current and new players to participate. This comes as new areas, skills, and bosses have been discovered among the islands, and medication is more effective.

Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar has had release date information shared! The sequel is looking to begin open testing on October 25th, while moving towards a release sometime during November. The move to a new continent brings a slew of new magical abilities and skills, races are less deterministic with their niche, and players can avoid friendly-fire in multi-group conflicts. Over in Spires of Agartha, a handful of spells were tweaked and costs adjusted.

Zombie Magic Paradise City is back with some relaxing music, ghosts, and shadows! Auto-aim-and-fire have been cut from the game, party pals now take damage, day to night transitions more abruptly, and players (and some zombies) move quicker. Halloween monsters have moved in for the season so go earn some holiday bonuses!

BYOND Resources

  • Legobumb has shared a system on how randomly generated drops can be used to influence player stats!
  • A slew of Kaiochao's demos have been updated and condensed under KaioCode Demos! An impressive video showing one code combination features a shooter, with rotatable views and speed dependent-zoom!
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Thanks for this post on the docket, I will be looking into these assets. Thanks for your time Higoten!
Appreciate the post, Higoten!
Just like to clarify something regarding my Lego Loot demo. It may be confusing/misleading to others when you specifically mention the walk-over pick-up style of my loot demo, when that's not what my loot demo is meant to demonstrate. It was just the quick-and-dirty built-in behavior to quickly demonstrate more important aspects of my demo, such as viewing a specific item's stats when it's in the inventory.

Much better portrayal of what Lego Loot is meant to demonstrate. Thank you.
Thank you.
Working on a turn based d20 game to play with my housemates. I'll probably put a version up here when I'm done