Today I'm reminded of a couple of people who did terrible things and got filthy rich, and were not me. One of them got a holiday, a bunch of cities, and a country named after him despite being a genocidal maniac. Another was a big reason Common Core is a thing, and it isn't even in his top 10 worst deeds. But enough about them; let us address the pachyderm occupying the domicile: 513's wide release is late.

My plan was to get it out early this week. However, a separate issue that came up late last week dragged on and ended up sucking up the majority of my time early this week too. Around mid-day Wednesday I realized my schedule was such that I didn't really want to put out a release in the tail end of the week, so pushing it back a little further made sense.

And actually I'm glad I did. I ended up doing a little more style work on the pager to spruce it up some more, and in the process discovered some style bugs. I've dealt with some of the bigger ones but some smaller ones are annoying me so I'm still working through those. Anyway it gives the SS13 gurus longer to shake out anything else in 513 I might have missed.

Related to both of the above issues, I'm looking more strongly into the idea of upgrading the embedded browser to CEF. That will not be a simple project and it has a number of antecedents that will require me to make some changes to my production chain, on top of which I really don't want to get into the weeds on anything until 513 is further along in beta. As I've mentioned before the CEF transition is also hellish, as I had huge frustrations the last time I attempted it and I'll basically be starting completely from scratch. But the importance of the project is pretty high and I think it outweighs a lot of other considerations—in the medium term. Short-term, the 513 beta must take priority.

All this development is possible because of our Members, donors, and Patrons. Big thanks once again to everyone who's helped support the platform.

For some of you this is a three-day weekend, if you're lucky enough to have Monday off. Rather than celebrate the traditional way, by enslaving people and forcing them to bring you gold, maybe go for some donuts and cider and a good long gaming session. Or better yet, a coding session. Writing DM code is way more fun than trying to grapple with CSS.
What would be some of the benefits that you see upgrading to CEF?
Improved stability and compatibility going forward; likely improved control over resource downloads, allowing some better solutions to browse_rsc(); more modern HTML/CSS available for interfaces.
No more random URL length limits either. Which are super annoying since we can't use POST.
Having hit a couple of delays on the personal side, I'm not putting out 513 today. However I have done the Linux build and confirmed everything is good to go there, so I should be all right to release later in the week. I know a late-week release is something I said I didn't want to do, but it appears that may be how it shakes out.
Excited about the prospect of improved control over resource downloads. I've wanted to make putting in-game sprites in HTML interfaces in SS13 more common/easy but browse_rsc is just too clunky.