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I'm working on a project that allows a client to fill out several input controls, and then calling winget() to find what the client has assigned to each control. It works as intended, but I want to make sure the code reacts correctly to what might happen if winget() fails to contact the client.

The BYOND reference mentions the following about the winget() proc:
"Because the client must be contacted to get this information, winget() will sleep the current proc."

I'm left with some questions about what exactly happens if the client loses connection while winget() is sleeping and waiting for a response.

Specifically: What will winget return? null?-or will I get a string with the params I'm asking for with their values set to null? Or does the calling proc simply end early with an error directly returning to its own caller?

Obviously each case would need me to prepare my code differently to prevent it from causing issues, which is why I thought it was important to ask about it as I was unable to find any information about it in the BYOND reference.
If there's no client to poll the data from, no data will be returned.
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The return value is null, if the proc is still running.
Thanks! That saves me a lot of worrying then.