Not only did we experience a blizzard in our area but my brother gets arrested at exactly 12:00 AM January 1st of the New Year. Drinks all around.
Lol, not wanting to pry or anything...but what'd he do.
The dumbest of all things minor. Violating a restraining order with his girlfriend.
Wow..maybe he thought new years meant it would expire :P
Nah, he's just a big idiot that thought she lifted the restraining order... conveniently it wasn't lifted. I have a hunch it wasn't lifted on purpose...
Well you've learned 2 things, restraining orders are actually effective, and your brother is a creep.
Indeed. Now I'm waiting to give the good news to my parents. This should be exciting.
Take pics :)
Lol, I'm not cold hearted enough to show their anguish online. Though tempting as it is since I warned them and my brother about it COUNTLESS of times.