by Domdavden
An innovative, sandbox original-fantasy RP game
Development Update (September 20th - October 20th)
Thought I would share some development update with you all. I am currently working on implementing at least 2 quests per race as well as further fleshing out the game's lore and in-game content.

Developer's Log V.1.0:
- Blossom has been added to the Hethalone powerset, this causes all plants in a player's surroundings to instantly bloom
- Shields now have health. The stronger you are, the more durable the shield you project is going to be. If the shield's health reaches 0, it disintegrates.
- Certain offensive abilities such as Molecular Combustion, Projectiles, Telekinetic Blast etc. now lower the shields health.
- Redesigned the Projection effect
- Fixed the bug which prevented shields from blocking combat attacks
- Overhauled the Power progression system. It is no longer associated with a player's RP status but rather with their level, as the player's level increases they will learn new abilities associated with their skill set.
- Power progression now works on percentages. If you are under level 25, you have a 20% chance of earning a power from the level one tier of that power-set. If you are under the level of 50, this percentage increases to 40% from level one tier, and 20% for a level 2 tier etc.
- Remaking now distributes abilities based on the new power progression system
- Walls and Doors are now opaque
- X-Ray vision has been added, this ability allows players to see through any opaque items such as walls and doors
- Cloak Alignment has been added, this ability allows a player to present themselves as the opposite alignment.
- Players who are presenting themselves as the opposite alignment are now attacked by NPCs who may mistake them for good/evil
- Zombies of varying strengths have now been added to the Lower Realms as fightable-NPCs
- Added a new Any Alignment Rank (The Necromancer)
- The Necromancer now has the ability to revive a player if their soul has not moved on
- The Necromancer now has the ability to re-animate any corpse, this will create a Zombie NPC. The stronger The Necromancer, the stronger the Zombie.
- The Necromancer now has the ability to Summon Corpses
- Added Soul Blast to The Necromancer powers
- Certain Potion ingredients (Lavender, Holy Thistle, Hemlock Root, Sage, Toadstool and Mandrake Roots) can be found growing on Earth or in Donesque
- Telekinetic Rage now impacts objects as well as players
- Rats have been added as Fightable-NPCs and now drop Rat's Tails
- Giant Rats have also been added as Fightable-NPCs
- Snakes have been added as Fightable-NPCs which drop Green Snakeskin
- Lavender plants that players grow using the Plant System can now be harvested for use as Potion ingredients
- Powers for the Mitsune race are now correctly given in relation to their form
- Implemented 'Abyss Orbs' which can be purchased by Haddows using Residual Magic when interacting with the Abyss. They can be consumed or traded with other players.
- There are now three Abyss Orbs. When consumed, the first orb grants you the ability 'Alter Emotion,' the second grants the ability to cloak your alignment, and the third allows you to block your mind from being read and block yourself off from being sensed.
- The Abyss now also sells Krainoxide
- Weather no longer prevents players from using click and drag telekinesis
- Mitsunes of varying strengths have now been added as fightable-NPCs
- NPCs infected by Mitsunes will now transform at night and become hostile NPCs
- Using Ctrl-Scroll now allows you to zoom your view in and out
- Implented a new ability which allows player's to summon an object directly from a player's inventory
- If a Ruby Amulet is summoned from a player's inventory when it is being worn, the shield it is projecting will disintegrate
- Waterfalls now have animation
- Implemented a lighting system which works in accordance to the game’s day/night system
- Streetlights now give out a yellow-tinted glow
- All maps within the world now adhere to the game’s new lighting system
- Player owned houses will now be dark until player’s furnish them with lights/lamps
- Implemented a new ability (Emit Light) which creates a Photokinetic Glow around a player so they can see
- Implemented a new ability (Emit Light Player) which creates a Photokinetic Glow around the target
- Implemented a new ability (Create Photokinetic Orb) which creates an orb which emits light
- Removed the Duplication powerset and merged it with a Photokinesis powerset
- Photokinetic Sorcerers can now determine the strength of the light they emit
- Added wall mounted Torches to the Lower Realm
- Added wall mounted Torches to the Donesque Dungeons

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