Hello Readers! Halloween is quickly approaching, and the trick-or-treaters are approaching even quicker. Keep an eye out for ghouls and superheroes, and say a quick prayer for the parents who have to deal with the post-sugar-high zombie apocalypse the next morning. Up till then, check out these goodies from developers around BYOND!


BYOND 513 has now entered public beta! Big features include UTF8 Compatibility, new filter effects, client sound data, maptext measurements, and many more! Check it out and make a note of any issues over in Beta Bugs. Lummox JR has directed the focus of his recent development news posts on the bugs that beta testers have uncovered and how the fixes worked out. He also slipped in a few graphical updates to the pager and its chat layout.


Azusa Online is getting into the spirit with new bosses who drop Halloween themed relics! Inutaishos also mentions that this, his favorite update of the year, included two long-awaited features. Tags and Natures, which work to a player’s advantage when using the correct combination in the right environment. The specifics are quite involved and can be checked out on their wiki page. The second feature is armor breaking, which slowly degrades frequently used equipment.

Falacy’s Zombie Paradise seen a few switchback changes over the last week. Players will now gain HP when they achieve a new level, legendaries have squeezed into the tutorial, houses load quicker during setup, and auto-combat is back!

Necromancers are running about in Domdavden’s Magicosm! The class can bring back the recently departed, either as their old self or as zombies! Abyss Orbs can be found and grant special abilities, shields provide protection, so long as they hold steady, and much more.

Pride Ravanok posted a Friday update featuring the latest changes to Rise of the Pirates! The PumpKing has risen again and needs mashing, experience boosts have gained, and a handful of classes seen changes to their skill-sets. Getting into the game using the BYONDexe launcher is smoother, and a strict roleplaying server has undergone development!

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