Dragonball Climax

by Kingzombiethe1st
Dragonball Climax
A new, open source anime vidya solution.
Please post suggestions here!

Suggestions will be ignored if:
1. They are explicit (No adult depicitions!)
2. Suggests removal of content without proper replacement
2a. Asking for admin commands to remove or adjust content does NOT fall under this! Perfectly fine to request this (and I kinda want you to ask for these!)
3. Requires a substantial rework of the game (e.g. "different stat system")
4. Are unrealistic (e.g. "make the game 3d")
5. Are vague (e.g. "make saiyans better")
1. The ability to manipulate tech gains [The choice would be nice, and it allows us to control how fast people get tech ]

2. The ability to remove certain abilities from the skill tree (I.E Racial Abilities, Gates, Hamon, Spirit Gun)

3. 2 Tomoe and 3 Tomoe Sharingan and the ability to steal other's sharigan to get Eternal Mangekyou

4. Skill Caps [ Capping things like Ki Unlocked allows us to make it so people don't get fly or stuff too early xd ]

The ability to allow or not allow alts and the ability to allow a certain number of alts
You can already allow a certain number of IPs connected at any one time.
Limiting IP ranges to a limited number of accounts is on the drawing board!

1. Added.

2. WIP (Can be difficult to do, but not impossible.)

3. Naruto related content is not going to get much more content, although two additional abilities to the Mangekyou Sharingan is planned. Maybe Shenron can do something, eh? (Might be added after God-ki, as one of many wishes.)

4. Noted, would be grouped with skill deletion. Ki will probably be overhauled after God-ki, which will allivate this problem. (Ki would be back to using skillpoints, which adds technically a limiting factor.)
1. AdminHeal, currently the only way to heal one is to give them an item or WorldHeal.

2. Red Aura for Kaioken? Currently it's yellow, which is kinda strange. Maybe a red overlay for Kaioken too?
1. Already in. Right Click -> Reward -> Heal
2. It's red. You can customize aura icons. The current aura icon can be found with the name 'Aura, Kaioken, Big.dmi' in the Icons folder. Some races may have creation variables that overwrite aura icons.
EDIT: Actually, what happened is that the Kaioken Aura was affected by your custom colors you put on your regular aura. Bugfixed.
HBTC BP: Like, BP that can't be leeched or dosen't screw with the global gains or whatever, unless i'm a dumbass and didn't look enough to notice it
HBTC gives increased gains, but it's based on relatives. It's not as noticable as one may think, so it will probably be increased.
2. The ability to remove certain abilities from the skill tree (I.E Racial Abilities, Gates, Hamon, Spirit Gun)

Added. Admins can now select certain skills to ban, which will make them always disabled.
4. Skill Caps [ Capping things like Ki Unlocked allows us to make it so people don't get fly or stuff too early xd ]

Added, Ki Unlocked takes way more grinding if your energy is below a certain amount. Energy is linked to BP.
A list of all the special commands and how to edit them into the skin would be nice. A lot of the things I saw in the skin aren't visible verbs in your skills or other tab. For example, i'd like if I could make the roleplay button B, and the countdown button C. But chargeki is on C.
Set Keybinds has what you need, should work for rebinding there. Make sure you press the Keyables button to switch to the ingame hotkeys.
Its in the Options tab top left.
Also i'd suggest that Aliens get locked out of the other racials if they pick one of their special abilities. As it currently stands an alien could get time skip, time freeze, body change, regeneration, metabolism, invisibility, everything. Also a guide on the dungeon system would be helpful. Keep up the good work!

Additionally I feel it'd be best to remove the alien racial tree from kanassans, herans, yadrats, and the like. They already have their own racial trees. I feel alien abilities are because 'aliens' as a whole could be a whole slew of different races. But I don't think a heran or a yardrat would have guldo's time freeze or hit's time skip. they have their own things.
In response to Renowner
Herans or Yardrats shouldn't get the Alien tree. The only races that get the Alien tree are the Kanassa-Jin, Grays, and Arlians, along with the Alien race. This is because these races have very few traits that differ them, meanwhile we've got gimmicks and expansions for days for Yardrats in the latest Super manga, and Herans are a movie-only race with a few gimmicks (albiet some gimmicks aren't added yet.)

Aliens also should only be able to get three racials. They should be actually locked out of any more. This is a bug.
Though, I could make it so that they have less abilities they can pick from the Alien tree, to round it off better. (once the racials bit are fixed in general.)
Kanassans have the biggest racial tree besidees aliens though, and they get both. But yes currently yo ucan get every alien racial.

Another suggestion i have is for op racials to require more than 1 or 2 sp. like time freeze or precognition or giant namekian should probably take at least 5, since you get them right out of the gate. same for shunkan ido and kai-kai, they all cost too little.

One more thing, Some races like saibaman (Probably wanted?) Are reaaaaaally terribly weak. However the main concern of mine is that Low class saiyans are AWFUL.
Terrible bp mod. Terrible stats. (0.8x physical defense?) And horrible (only 120%) anger. Worst zenkai. worst oozaru mult.

I'd personally buff low class a lot because compared to normal and elite they're terrible. i'd probably make them tanky and not very ki focused. and have good anger and zenkai. Goku was very tanky. Better stats to make up for their terrible omult and bp mod. and some anger please. 120% is nothing for a saiyan.
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