Dragonball Climax

by Kingzombiethe1st
Dragonball Climax
A new, open source anime vidya solution.
I've been noticing that there is some confusion on game mechanics. Here's some tips to get you started!

Basic Gimmicks:
-Power Control as you know it doesn't exist. Instead, it's replaced with a charge ability, and by pressing C (which slows you down!) you forcibly increase your Ki. If you hold it past 100%, you'll notice your Ki makes you a lot stronger!
If you wish to be weaker, press the Power Control verb to set your 'strength level.' Then, if you want to be at max again, either charge up with full Ki or press the Toggle Readiness verb.

-All key Ki abilities have to be grinded. You have to spend at least 5 or so points in Ki to get everything you'd want for basic masteries. This includes Fly, Sense, Ki Blast, Kiai (invisible blast)...

-Skill trees don't show all of their skills at first! You buy to reveal, as so to speak. Most skills can be refunded, but racials usually aren't able to be refunded.

-Auras only appear above 100% energy.


-SSJ1 is obtainable around 1.5 million with sufficient anger. Further multiplicities are around 2 mil, 3 mil, 4+ mil for other angers. Inspire lets you get SSJ about 0.8x early.

-SSJ2 is obtainable around 70 million base (depending) with sufficient anger. Similar gimmick to SSJ1.

-SSJ3 is not a anger related transformation. You have to grind this via the SSJ tree after learning and grinding masteries. It will appear after fulling mastering SSJ2.

-SSJ4 is around 200 million base. You need a Black Moon or a Emitter to accomplish the SSJ4 transformation, or anything that will put you in the Golden Oozarou state. (Full, actual moons will do this too for free. Regular item moons won't do this.)
-LSSJ has similar reqs to Super Saiyan, and there is a dedicated Legendary SSJ form.
-LSSJ can access Super Saiyan 4.

-Super Perfect Bio-Android is available around the same time as SSJ2, you need to die and come back after achieving form 3 to be able to power up into this. There will be a alternative way to achieve this form in the future, keep an eye out.
-Majin's Major absorb will not give you much (if any) gains. It will, however, average your power with the other person's. You can make yourself weaker through this.
-Heran has similar reqs to SSJs, but their multipliers are different.

You can obtain Time Stop as a Alien, there is two types.

Humans have a weird eye power they can get sometimes, with two variations.

Spirit Tree is generally focused on making you have very large BP values. Less of a focus on stats though.

Tech can be hard to level, but it's rather easy if you use the Research minigame on the Research Computer.

Admins have a lot of control over how the game plays.


Any questions on game mechanics? Feel free to ask here!