by Arcane Addict
Multiverse is Inspired by various animes with new takes & spins on ideas.
Multiverse is a game where you create your character & fight others in a roleplaying environment. Once the game is open for Alpha there won't be many races to choose from, but as the wipe goes on i hope there will be a variety to choose from.

Technology & Magic:
Unlike any of the finale games before this, This will have the first ever addition of "Tech plus". A more interactive & fully developed technology system. The *Player* has the choice of what they're making, Not a popup screen.

Skill System:
Your character doesn't gain stats through training, they remain static. However, You can get your character stronger via training in "life skills" These add unique abilities or background stat increases, allowing you to get your character stronger & stronger.

Click "Website" For a link to the games Development Discord.