Astral Stigma

by Mana Production
Astral Stigma
"Rebel and seek the truth of this world."
Patch 0.05a (29-30/10/19)

Battle System: Changes
-> Item Command in Battle is now functional
Items are separated by lists: Restoration, Clearing, Support Items (Mostly buff items) and Offensive Items (Attack/debuff items).
Few items were added in order to restore HP and MP.
Items' stacking capacity is capped at 30 per item.
While using an item in battle, the player will walk towards their target if the item is a healing/supportive type.
Until they learned the ability, Item Thrower, to use an item without the need to walk towards their target.
Items that are party healing/supportive type doesn't require the player to move and will act like they innately have the ability: Item Thrower.

Battle System : Fixes
-> Fixed a bug where if a player was targetting a defeated enemy, which no longer existed (Non-Revival Enemies), they would often target an ally instead of selecting another enemy.

-> Fixed a bug about Shuyin the Ethereal (Ethereal challenge boss fight) where he would freeze up the battle when all of his allies were defeated.
The problem was related to his special ability that required his allies to be defeated to be able to use it.

-> Fixed a bug about unable to cancel an action when using the Item Command, which resulted a forced use of an item to be able to continue the battle.

-> Fixed a bug when enemies will try to use an item to heal their allies.
At random instances, it would freeze up the battle system and give an error.

-> Fixed a bug about dead moving enemies (Revival Enemies) when playing in Active Turn mode. (This bug doesn't appear in Wait Turn mode)

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