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Dragonball Climax
A new, open source anime vidya solution.
BYOND Version:512
Operating System:Windows 10 Pro
Web Browser:Chrome 76.0.3809.132
Applies to:Dream Seeker
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Like last time, please tell me whether or not some of these are intentional. I've waited for a few days to get this list together, so here we go.

1. Reported that some races stay permanently enraged.

[ This is probably an issue fixed by going back to the lobby, but I'll mention that it's probably possible here. ]

2. You get enraged from killing someone

3. Twice had our PL broke and forced us to 0%, and it stayed that way even with PU. It seemed to always revert to 0% when meditating in any way. Fixed by going into the lobby.

4. Whenever we started in the game with the new update, people started gaining ranks like the Turtle and Guardian rank for no reason, wasn't a problem in the older versions, I think people also gained random ranks throughout as-well.

5. Spirit Gun does an insane amount of damage, to the point where an SSJ was defeated by it.
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Update on Bug No. 3

Apparently this happens mostly when you become an Oozaru and meditate or something along those lines. (Happened with a Human once too, maybe it was Third Eye)

6. Gravity remains even after the machine is picked up.

7. When gaining a new fly skill level, it doesn't actually update. (It might be that it's giving a false message)
Alright, it's been a bit since I've checked to verified, I feel like I should give some insight and the possibility of workarounds.
1. This could be the issue of inflated anger levels. Anger is definitely not final (it's an artifact from old Finale and it needs to be redone.) Often, death anger can set a legendary off for a good ten minutes before it even goes down to the next level. Attack bringing up anger levels doesn't help either. Either way, manual editing of new character's anger levels could do it, or going into racial stats and setting more sensible ranges for anger.

2. Again, anger needs to be ripped out. Contacts included, since the way they are implemented is something I find quite messy and can be optimized and improved upon.

3. Probably stat issues. Oozaru includes very strange stat editings, and again, will be changed further. Probably a aspect of converting the Oozaru form to the buff system.

4. Autorank is on. Admins can toggle it off. Ranks can sometimes persist between wipes if you don't specifically use the correct erasure commands.

5. Damage is wonky, most things barely do any damage, while some things do insane amounts. Expect it to be in flux.

6. Gravity isn't efficient, will probably be rewritten.

7. Sometimes this is true, the effector() of skills can take awhile to process, especially if there is large amounts.

Do check if the stat procs are running, as if they're not they can cause many issues. Will be addressing these issues in code soon!
Gravity is rewritten a bit. Should be faster and doesn't mess with turf overlays anymore.
Unfortunately, turning off ranks on a new server didn't really fix the problem. Is there something we gotta specifically do?

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/638095760373579846/ 641420713911123972/unknown.png
Try deleting the RANK file. Other than that, there is quite literally no other way ranks are set, other than Autorank polling players if they want to take a rank (can be disabled) or admins setting them. Turning off ranks in general won't stop them from being loaded. You can wipe ranks by a admin command (named Wipe Ranks), which will ensure anyone else logging on does not get said rank.
Crucially, you have to ensure you wipe the server VIA the admin commands or something along those lines. Otherwise save data will carry over like this.
Keep in mind, once you get a rank tree, it's there forever, unless you forget said tree and skills. Admins, again, can't do anything about this until I add tools for skill/tree deletion.
Alright, I put in a failsafe in rank assignments, and fixed the aura issue. Update again for the combat update, which I'm sure has its own slew of bugs, heh.
Alright, thanks man. We'll be sure to report them to you when we can xD
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