Jack Bones Shards of Memory

by Raffile
A tortured soul, remembering who he is
I have finished the first Prototype/Demo to my new one player game Jack Bones Shards of Memory which was created for the Crowntober game jam on https://itch.io/jam/crowntober-game-jam-2019/entries

Even though the end of the Demo was extremely rushed due to having to work the last day of the game jam I am still proud of the overall progress that was created to bring fourth this game. The Demo basically ends after you have finished the tutorial however you can set off and go further and buy the only spell in the game at the very moment, fireball to test it out. The game however feels very smooth overall HOWEVER in the rush of the final minutes of the game jam I -forgot- to finish the player dead proc so as of right now the player -doesn't- die. In future releases they will die, go back to the last time you seen the glorious shopkeeper and half your accumulated EXP will be missing. It is sad that I forgot about this feature in the game jam itself but will correct it in future updates.

Some may notice that this has similarities to a different one player project that I was working on sometime ago, and there is a reason for that. Slimeville, the computer that it was on was -lost- due to the computer completely frying. The framework in this game will be reused for slimeville in the future. However Jack Bones was created from scratch for the Crowntober Game Jam.

Thank you everyone :) your boy raff.