The early bird gets the worm, so they say, but that isn't much of a prize. So why am I posting ahead of schedule? Because tomorrow is a strange day and I'm hedging my bets, that's why.

This week I was chasing a bug report that turned out to be a non-bug after all, although I didn't learn that until today. But the act of chasing it got me looking into some pretty ancient cruft in one of the core routines that I've always wanted to get rid of, which led to a minor refactor. But first I had to figure out step by step if my changes would really impact the logic at all, because the last thing I wanted to do was break something. I ended up making a table to work out the behavior, and if I did it right, then I think I'm in the clear. Feels good to get that crap out of the way. More about that on the early-access Patreon post.

I ended up dealing with some miscellany as well, and chasing a few other bugs down rabbit holes. Related to the worst of those, this evening I reaffirmed my commitment to nuke Redmond when I become a supervillain. Also 513.1497 will have a new undocumented feature for the red book, at least until I put in some kind of better language hook.

But some of this week was fun and games, because I did some more playing around with the reference: adding some missing documentation, updating a few things, and sprucing up a couple of entries.

The fundometer is lagging behind this week, so if you haven't already, it's a great time to show your support for the platform. You can do it through Membership or donation, or via Patreon or SubscribeStar. I don't link to SubscribeStar every week but basically I do a couple of quick journal-like posts there each week, typically with a more personal slant. Patreon gets the most under-the-hood updates, with most posts being Patrons-only for the first week.

We got our first snow today, and it's only three weeks to Thanksgiving. Prepare yourselves! Work on your games now so you have something to retreat to when your house is swarmed by relatives!
I've not yet guessed what the new Red Bookable feature is. smh me.