Hello Readers! The season of holidays is right around the corner! Here in northwestern PA, weíve had our first meaningful bit of snowfall (just enough to enjoy, but not so much as to bust out the shovels and gloves), and thoughts of Black Friday month ads stuffing the mailbox Thanksgiving dinner being on the plate in a few short weeks. To give you some food for thought, letís check out what developers from around BYOND are serving up!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR is on the road to stability, and so is BYOND 513! The last three weeks of development news covers the fixes, locale variations: Take 2, a case for counting characters and new procs, and a run-about duplicated icon-state that resulted in the clearing of some ancient code. Over in the reference, formerly undocumented features are in, and several entries have thumbs-up emoji-denoted tips and under-the-hood mentions sport a wrench. Can you find them all?


Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar is set for release on Friday, November 22nd! The shift to the third chapter in the Eternia saga features major changes in combat and concept, along with about 60 new abilities, and many new roleplaying features. Chance advises players to brush up on their Eternia lore prior to launch, and to check out the FAQs.

Jack Bones was created by Raffile and his siblings over the past few weeks, and was one of six entries into the 2019 Crowntober Game Jam! The game is currently little more than a hack-and-slash RPG with a story intro and a spell to purchase. However, Future expansions and bug fixes, like the one where the player (and enemies) doesn't die, are expected.

Soma Ryudo posted the change notes for Astral Stigma, leaving mention that items are now separated by function and that healing and mana restoration items are available. He also shared that healing and support type items can also be used without interrupting movement, and that skilled characters can toss these items from afar to trigger the effects on their allies.

Getting back into programming for the frosty winter months is Phat T, sharing multiple screen-captures of Shootha! Graphics have improved considerably since his prior update log, with the game looking to take on PvP conquest as opposed to a zombie shootout. Ambidextrous abilities, oil spills, and walking speed variations are all new features, while melee weapons and lighting are shown off in a space station.

Pride Ravanok shared a pan-over of the newest soon-to-be-released area in Rise of the Pirates, Sky Island! The main attraction of the city-in-the-clouds is a massive tower consisting of multiple floors of monsters and puzzles increasing in difficulty and value of rewards. Back on the ground, new hair appearances are available, and multiple other facets of the game have been tweaked.

Posting in the Show Me What You Got developerís thread, Kozuma3 released the latest edition of their round-based zombie shooter! To help save some figuring, AWSD is used to move, J is used to shoot, F1 is used to view debugging message, and clicking is used to pick up items, interact with the HUD, and... explode the map into green globs?

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  • Baffled by multi-byte characters and how to manage them within text handling routines? Lummox JR spells out how to keep text from going to garble.
  • Nadrew has shed some light on some new ways to shed light!
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