What's in Your pot witchy

Music: Dear Mr. Christian

Your music demonic

Your music demonic

You got demons

You got freedom

And choose satan

You choose satan

Say you a christian and you choose satan

You is a faker
That's what you do.
Hop holla fancy words but you know they ain't true

You is a demon but call other so
What about you though.

Your words demonic
They ain't true
Every time I hear them I'm sapped of joy.
Freedom you play with like a toy

Cause you got a demon
That's what you choose.

Call others abusing the word.
Word convuluted words sprayed out, preaching fake words nothing good out your mouth.

People cheer you on, say you preaching word, and they blinded sheep led to the slaughter.
You follow fakers that what you do, as you fake everyone around you support you.

Say you a christian and you choose satan

Witchy warloc Witchy

What's in your pot today?
What you cooking up.
I'm buying byond