Jack Bones Shards of Memory

by Raffile
A tortured soul, remembering who he is
I am excited to tell you all about the recent updates in Jack Bones Shards of Memories. The progress on the game has ultimately been slow, with CK2 being released for free on steam and ultimately me realizing I was addicted to it however! After conquering Scandinavian and Egypt on CK2 and remembering that I promised myself I was making a fun game with my brother heckling in the background about it the whole time I brought myself to work on the game and fix some major problems with it. So first, thank you to the within byond post for informing me the enemies didn't die on the second map, that was a quick easy fix that I instantly was able to hash out after my conquest, I have also -started- to work on a keybinding system that will need to be finished at a later date thus the player will be able to change their keybinding as they wish in the near future. I also set up the players death as well, taking about half of the accumulated exp when you die and bringing you back to your last checkpoint which for the most part will be Beet, the Shop keeper.

I have worked on the combat slightly making the game harder overall and adding a knock back feature to the enemies (Though I don't really like it if someone else knows what kind of knock back system I should use I ended up just using the step_away do not like with my pixel movement system)

Next update will be finishing the keybinding system as well as the pause menu and if there is time I will increase the games content overall. We are still having a lot of fun creating this game and we hope to bring you guys great content in the near future.

Thanks everyone, your boy Raff!

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