Happy Thanksgiving Readers! The season of holidays is officially underway and for us in the US, we’ll be spending time with family and giving thanks for all of the good in our lives... over a table loaded with turkey, potatoes, rolls, and veggies! Developers here on BYOND have also been working on stuffing their creations with features and improvements, so let’s show them some thanks by checking out what they are serving!


Four releases in the past two weeks, showing the progress being made in BYOND 513 as it progresses closer to stability! An issue with obj layering resulted in microlayers being revisited, and among several other bugs, a longtime icon destructor issue was resolved, taking a swath of debug and development time, covering two bugs, and a saga of in-depth Patreon posts. New features moved in as well, such as a Host context menu addition for .dmb files and color selection by hex color code.


Season 1 in Rise of the Pirates is just about over! Pride Ravanok mentions in the game’s patch notes that Blany has the top spot at the moment, with Ghost just a handful of points behind. Daily Challenges have been updated, with a pool of eight new tasks to complete. Cooldowns on some skills were reduced, and Amanuer created new icons for shields.

For those who checked out Kozuma3’s round-based zombie shooter demo released last month, you can now take a closer look as they have released the entire source this month! They mention that the code turns to mush in some spots, but that a redesign is already underway.

Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar scored a successful release, with the game steadily above 100 players and often peaking above 200! Registration for roles and privileges has been on-going throughout the game’s initial phase, with promotions and rumors to boot. Countless fixes, modifications, and additions have been made since the game’s debut, and more on the way! Keep an eye on their Discord channel for the latest.

Bravo1 has gone through some major life changes in the past few short months... employment changing hands, moving, and getting married! However, Dark Star has not been forgotten, with before-and-after photos of the player and shambler images showing the improvement.

Raffile has shared a note on how development with Jack Bones: Shards of Memory is progressing. Mentioned are how several of the initial release bugs have been fixed, and that a custom keybinding system is in the works. A pause menu is planned and a knockback for powerful hits has been applied with hopes to increase the amount of playable content soon!

Domdavden reports that Magicosm is five quests away from seeing an open beta release. Among the log’s dozens of bullet points, newspapers are ready to be delivered, Atlantis conforms to the day and night cycle, many new quests are available throughout the game, and the hotel is ready for tenants.

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Hello Readers! I won't have time this evening to write-up Within BYOND #128. I'm shooting for a release for this Friday.

EDIT: Alright, so the weekend didn't work out... Wednesday for sure!

In the meantime, if you're looking for something to do... you could make a game in a day!