Hey guys. I have an reflection obj on the vis_contents of mobs, with layer 1.5, wich show only above water who has layer 1.

Thing is, it's showing over the edge or where there is no turf. Like in this screensot: 650755222980919306/unknown.png

Is there a way to go around t? Thanks!
You could add a screen object that covers the entire screen that is on layer 1.6 or something along those lines. Or use client.edge_limit and EDGE_PERSPECTIVE.
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If it covers the entire screen it'd cover the water who is layer 1, wouldn't it?
You'd probably need to do some plane tinkering to get a layer-based solution working. Not displaying the edges at all is generally a more ideal approach though.
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There are instances where the edge isn't related at all, like inside buildings, wich are located on a blank space on the map. The reflection is showing on the blank spaces. So the problem isn't only the edge.
Yeah, things like opacity would definitely cause some issues with that system. There's not really a ton you can do about that aspect of things except maybe hiding your reflection when you're indoors or get near the edges of the map/building.
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Right but then the edge issue is still unsolved without not allowing players to go to the edge
Another idea would be having an artificial edge around your map, two tiles of dense blocks (with no opacity) around the edge that layer above the reflection.

When you layer things below turfs, they appear where the map isn't drawn, just gotta think of ways around that fact.