Dragonball Climax

by Kingzombiethe1st
Dragonball Climax
A new, open source anime vidya solution.
Right now, rituals are being worked on. Rituals are freeform autism art that consist of a magical drawing, and special ingredients you could refer to as catalysts for the fifth ingredient, called the reaction, which controls the actual effect of the ritual.
rituals have three classifications: manipulation, destruction, and dimensional, based on their reaction. ingredients, based on what stage they're used in, will be also considered under one of these classification.
Now: what the numbers mean and shit:
slot 1-2 is generally destruction magic, and empowers the spell. the only limitation of the effect is that it can't internally target anything- that means there is no input into the spell. Doesn't have to be destruction magic, doesn't have to empower the spell.
slot 3-4 is generally dimensional magic, and directs the spell. same limitation as above, generally expected that the end result is a target being identified.
slot 5 is the effect, at this point the ritual has a target (if it doesn't, a random one in view is found), and enough energy to do whatever. this is your meat.
All effects should be standalone.
Now, rituals can also be preset, with only some ingredients as requirements and a set outcome after a set cost.
This thread is for people to suggest spell effects, or preset rituals, or ingredients.


For ingredients:
Format like:
- Add tallow. Gives off great energy for rituals, makes the effect of the spell area-of-effect and slows people down

part 1 is if it's used in the first ritual slot (slots 1-2)
part 2 is if it's used in the second ritual slot (slots 3-4)
part 3 is if it's used in the third ritual slot. (slot 5)
it's formatted like above.)

For rituals:
- Add energy rituals. Gives off Ki to surroundings or electricity.

For spell effects:
- Add a temporary death regen effect. (Manipulation Magic)
- Add a temporary intelligence increase effect.
- Fireball. Iceball. Earthball. Lemme shoot some elements! (Destruction Magic)