Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!


-Changes to poison class’s poison system. More efficient easier to work with. Poison damage tweaks.


New Marine Hero Coat, and Hats Can be purchased from the vendor in Anchor island
Must be At least Captain Rank.

Romy Commissioned some clothes from Amaneur. They have been added to the game.
Sage backpack and Ninja Black Ops Headband cosmetics have been added to the Daily Challenge rewards list. (Possible to appear as a Daily Challenge reward.) as Daily Challenge exclusives.

Amaneur has also made us some new shields. Behold!

Blany has created some new Dagon Skin colors are now in the barber.
Both Genders are supported.

Monthly Event

December event is now active:

All December: Npc’s drop presents containing Gold. (Or Coal)

There is a grinch on an island, Slay him to claim a prize. A Christmas tree will appear in Sochi from the 9th to the 1st claim a present daily! (subscribers may claim twice) *

December Valor Event: Valor from Events and Event Rewards Bags increased by 150% all through December (Does not include valor chest)

Season 1 is over! Congratulations to Blany for winning Season 1 Legendary Knife!

Everyone who participated in this season can claim an end of season reward in the Season Menu! For everyone who participated you will get the next tier reward when you claim. Top 10 Will get an exclusive season 1 Cloak

Bug Fixes

Hitting Boat Issues Fixed.
Minor bugs smashed

While the next expansion is reaching for the sky! We have commissioned some work for the depths of the sea, which is part of the Sky Island update. Officially titled as above so below. We will first be soaring through the sky to reach the magical mysterious sky island. From there we will plunge to the deepest depths and learn more about the Dagon race and their special genetic awakenings.

For those who enjoy numbers

Sky Island Progress:

Art: 50% Complete. (Need more enemies and bosses for sky tower.)
Map: 100% Complete.
Sky Tower: 0% Complete (Puzzles and boss fights need to be completed.)
Story:50% complete. (Written down but not implemented in game.)
ETA Estimate: Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Dagon Island Progress:
Map Currently being created by Artist (Zane444).

ETA Estimate: Mar-Apr 2020