Astral Stigma

by Mana Production
Astral Stigma
"Rebel and seek the truth of this world."

Sup y'all.

This post is not a version update, but it's an announcement for what is happening lately and what is coming within the holiday season.

The game hasn't shown a version update post since October 30, since around that time, the team and I had stuffs to do, especially everyone is in their finals, except me and Shuyin (Team Mana's Second Leader). We are currently dealing with our jobs while creating some time to progress the game's development in our days off along with Faye, third member when the team was truly formed, who keeps some ideas on the side until the whole team's focus is present.

That is the gist of what is happening lately.

What is coming within the holiday season is a Test Server for Astral Stigma.
What will be hosted for the holiday season might be the December patch update.

What is to be expected in the December Patch:
While the game is still in its much (very much) early phase, the game will be using few test maps of an old game we had in our past projects. The reason we would be using an old project's maps is to test battle encounters at different areas. Few people who have tried the game in September to October knows that to run a battle, you had to type in a command to initiate one, either a normal or a boss battle.

Also, we be adding an NPC that will simply refill your items, since the Shop Window prompt might not be yet ready or stable at the time of the Test Server, and an Innkeeper NPC that will heal you and your current party, since the game automatically heals and revives you after a battle.

For the test server, we be adding a limited-time trophy for a boss fight at the end of the encounter area for whoever managed to defeat it. It will be registered on the medals of the BYOND Key used and the Stigma Account's Trophies

Also three limited-time trophies will be added also:
- For joining the test server's timeframe
- Having reached level 10 with a single save
- A Thank You trophy for the last day of the test server.

So a total of four trophies/medals.

On that note, I will announce that Astral Stigma's Official Holidays Test Server will be hosted on December 21st - 3 PM Eastern Time Zone to December 23rd - 3 PM Eastern Time Zone, then December 28th - 3 PM Eastern Time Zone to December 30th - 3 PM Eastern Time Zone.

So for about 6 days in two separated weekends, the game will be hosting its holidays' test server.

That will be all for now, a link to Team Mana's Discord for Astral Stigma's channel will be posted a day prior the Test Server's day or within the day of the server. It will allow players who have a discord account to join and chat with the community and also posting bugs & glitches found that could be fix while the Test Server's first weekend or before the second weekend.

If anything comes up, I do another post regarding it
Till then, catch you guys later.