It's Friday the 13th, and Christmas is 12 days away! This has to be confusing for spree killers in hockey masks.

513 is really coming along nicely. Most of the Unicode blues appear to have settled down, and the build seems to be approaching stable a lot faster than 512 did. I think that's because visual contents were such a huge change. Not that 513's changes aren't huge as well, with the rendering target stuff, but they feel a little more stable right out of the gate. Still, I think the more people start using rendering targets I'll probably see more strange issues. It's the way of things.

Speaking of Unicode, it broke Mike's rc5 library again, just as updated bitwise math did in 512. It won't impact anyone who doesn't use trans-ASCII characters in their savefiles, but there are situations where it's come up. I've been working on a fix for that since Mike no longer maintains the library, and my changes seem to work so I'll get that updated soon.

This week I finished my work on the updated reference. The HTML version now has not only the filter, but also a cool search feature. The Dream Maker version also has a filter now, which I decided to do via a menu because it was the cleanest way to handle it. I'm kinda thinking it'd be good to get the beta ref up on the site. Normally I wait until we're out of beta before posting a reference update on the site, but I think the newer reference has an advantage past versions didn't: version tags. Any 513-specific features are clearly marked, so what's the harm in posting the beta ref? Anyway I'll think about it some more.

Another item that's on my list to look at, and is kinda high priority, is updating browse_rsc() to accept a list. I want to get this done for 513, even though it's the sort of thing that would normally have to wait for a new major build. There are a lot of hurdles to this but there are many games that would benefit. Seriously though, it's incredibly complicated.

I've pushed a smidge further along in trying to get an environment setup for CEF-project development. Chances are it won't get started properly until into the new year, because after today there are only six work days left this year—and if I'm being honest, I'm on the fence about the 23rd. It seems likely I'll still have plenty of bug investigation to do in the meantime, and the CEF project is gonna require a big enough chunk of time for me to really digest the material and run full-tilt at that learning curve.

December is really ticking away fast! I'd like to thank everyone who's helped support BYOND so far this month, as Members or donors or Patrons or so on. Your support makes all this possible.
Could just host it separately. As much as I access the HTML version like on a second device, it'd be a godsend to have an official one for the latest version always hosted.

Regarding CEF, I'll be done with my 2nd work project in February but if you have any questions feel free to PM me -- the docs are kinda awful (but the code is well-documented!)