With the Halo3 Beta being a mere 2-3 months away, hundreds of thousands have already registered to participate. If you've yet to sign up for it, check out Microsoft and Bungie announced that there would be 3 ways to get into the Beta. All 3 ways have now been mentioned.

Way #1.) You register at the site above, and pray to be one of the selected from the registration list.

Way #2.) You play 3 hours of Halo2 Anytime between February 1st-3rd. After you clock in 3 hours, and your sure of it, you need to head over to to sign yourself up on the new list. Though that may seem easy enough...Bungie will only select 13,333 people from this method.

Way#3.) You buy Crackdown for the Xbox360 on it's launch day, in late February. Way 3 Gaurantees you a spot in the Beta. I'll say it once more. Way 3 Gaurantees you a spot. Microsoft decided to add the Beta Download into the Crackdown disks that are being distributed on launch day. If you pick Crackdown up on the day it hits stores, then all you'll have to do is pop the disk in when the Beta Launches in the Spring.

I for one, will be doing #3. I've been watching Crackdown since I heard about it earlier last year, and was planning on buying it anyway. With the added bonus of a slot in the Halo3 Beta, the pot just got sweeter.
Only option one doesn't sound like a bribe.
Meh... There aren't very good chances of getting chosen the other ways... I'll never get to play the beta xD
Gotrax, that's no way to go about it. Try it anyway. :P.
That third option reminds me of that Zone of the Enders/Metal Gear Solid 2 thing awhile back.
Yeah. It was a last second move by Microsoft. In the end, just as bungie mentioned in their latest update, Microsoft decides how the Beta is distributed.
That's what happens when you're bought out by a large corporation. ;)
Well there are pics and maybe videos leaked by some people in the army, so you can catch a glimpse at what bungie let them play.