Hello Readers! Game in a Day 2019 is on and well underway! SuperSayianX has continued the tradition and there is currently $200 (or $190?) in prizes, with two GiaDers already having participated, and two more prepped to begin! To begin your 27-hour game creation adventure, reach out to SSX over pager or Discord to receive a topic before the 22nd (and if you ask really nicely, he may be willing to extend that deadline!) But before taking off on your entry, check out these games from around the BYONDsphere!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been tackling some projects while waiting for bug reports and test cases for the latest BYOND beta to roll in. Dream Makerís reference now has a filter menu, allowing users to cull down the search to specific categories. The groundwork for converting to Chrome Embedded Framework was laid. And an evaluation of how to improve file transfers was conducted.


Soma Ryudo shared the schedule for Astral Stigmaís Holiday test servers spanning over the next two weekends! The plan for the game is to run a handful of older maps to allows testers to stress-test the battles and allow an NPC to refill used items that would normally have to be purchased. A boss battle is planned with a special trophy and medal for those successful in slaying the monster.

Azura Online is starting the new millennia (that is, the in-game timeframe) with a bang (and a 40% increase in exp gain rates)! Two rare races have emerged, the Dracklians and the Beastlians, and with them, Natures have begun influencing battles in the roleplaying world. The first Nature to come to fruition is the Wind natures, which boasts speed and surprise attacks.

Crazah has picked back up on Zenithís Call, adding a few quality-of-life changes to the RPG. Players can now flee from battles they would rather not fight, characters can reset their stat selections, and the swear-filter is less aggressive.

Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar has seen big changes since their release over a month ago, far more than can be covered in this paragraph, so check out their Discord Channel for full details. Highlights include the rise of witchcraft this past Friday the 13th, the bazaar expansion, class badges, mentors, and many more changes to skills, and a whole roll of news regarding in-character stories and developments.

Improving the appearance and threatening demeanor of the Shambler has been the goal of Bravo1ís two latest posts regarding DarkStar. The monstrous beings now walk with a unique gait (drag?) and has a clear death state, but a few extra shots wouldnít hurt... just to be sure.

The Grinch has snuck into the Rise of the Pirates! Can you help his heart grow three times larger or slay him before he steals Christmas? I surmise the answer is the latter. Anyways, everyone else in the Pirate RPG is getting festive, handing out presents with gold and coal inside. The players are also in a giving mood, with new character icons being made by Amaneur and Blany. On the radar, the Sky Tower and Dragon Island are underway.

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