Hello Readers! We’re now well into the new decade and writing 2020 on forms has nearly become a habit. Last year’s Game in a Day developer’s challenge spilled into this year a bit with extensions, but appears to have come to a close with four participants managing to submit before their time expired! Congratulations to Kozuma3, MegaBlaze, Mr. Goober / Makeii, and Raffile on their single-day projects! So while waiting for the reviews and results from Super Saiyan X's contest to be shared, check out these developments from around BYOND!


Lummox JR is back in the new decade and so is a new beta release of BYOND! Bugs fixes came up front and center, as they have the last few releases, meaning that BYOND 513 is well on its way out of beta and that work on 514 is underway, where Lummox JR is looking to ditch IE for CEF. Over on Patreon, he talks about how frequent file writing can be improved, and the work that went into simplifying how difficult it is the change the copyright date... and how the Unicode update ruined it.


Red Teddyburs are out and Reddyburs are in over at Zenith’s Call! But aside from the cute name change, experience gains have been boosted by 50% and crafting times dropped by a third. A confirm box prevents players from exiting battles they want to fight, escape closes out of the unwanted menus, and a stuck command get them out of places they aren’t supposed to be in.

Part one of the spell expansion in Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar is complete! Stardust wave, glacier, and Spatial Rush are just a few names from a handful of new abilities. Additionally, the village of Moonfall was recently discovered and a call for new citizens has been put out.

Kozuma3 is busy making windows in windows... Winception... Maybe? Presently it would appear that an equipment, skill, and inventory screen have been created. Check out the demo here.

Rise of the Pirates seen some new daily quests, and new icons graphics. Among many changes to the cooldowns and damages of many spells and skills, the game also now has seen changes to how user interface objects, like EXP bars, work and appear. Certain gems no longer provide bonuses to some pieces of equipment, and custom macros are no more.

Flick posted a short GIF of the latest feature in his generated hexagonal tile world. The new minimap on the bottom-left side reveals the rough terrain features as the player dispels the fog of war surrounding the map.

AERProductions has resumed improvements to Pondera! The open-world sandbox now gives players access to all of the basic resources they’ll need to build their own homes and towns. Metals and smithing skills allow advanced tools to be made. Additionally, maps can now be generated randomly, and more furnishings are on the radar for the next update.

Domdavden has posted the latest update log to Magicosm, reporting that testing has gone well and that a public release in January looks promising. New additions feature a base quest for every class, herbal alchemy skills, and bounties. Also of keen interest are the new interface elements and changes to the crafting system. Check out the log for way more!

Falacy rang in the New Year in Paradise City, and he brought with him a bag full of changes to the zombie apocalypse! Winter rewards, like the frozen wings and winter wonder, are available for survivors to earn. More ability Hotkeys are available for binding, walls no longer transfer bullets, bunkers are back, and walls now only break for bosses. Survivors will need that added durability to fight back the tripled number of zombies, and to complete the additional daily tasks.

Phat T shared motion pictures depicting nine spells, from what I assume is The Phantom of the Future. Watch as he blasts the demons using lighting, dark energy, and a green hand made of goo!

BYOND Resources

  • Looking to pull numbers that are seemingly completely random? Check out PopisFizzy’s pif_Random.
  • And if it feels like the results are always the same, he’s got an almost-random solution for you as well.
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Thank you for the mention and for your dedication to Within BYOND! <3
Thanks for the mention!

Over the holiday I also released updates for a few of my libraries which I'm gonna shill here (hope that's not a problem).
  • Probably the most notable update is for pif_CryptoSuite.ChaCha20 (which I released on its first birthday!). It now has both complete documentation and full support for Unicode.
  • pif_DiceSimulator got a really minor update, which has been sitting on my hard drive for about four years and dates to just a few days after I first released the library. I thought I put it upon the hub, but I guess I was wrong lol. It just updates the naming conventions for the classes to make it more consistent with my other libraries. I also updated the documentation a bit.
  • pif_Iterator just had some small reorganization to the code and is now specifically released under the MIT license (like all my other libraries).
  • And lastly, pif_Random.MersenneTwister had its interface updated to match pif_Random and is now fully documented. Unfortunately, because of a bug you may experience some issues trying to download it if you have pif_Random installed.

There's other stuff I have on the back burner and have for years, but now that I'm back at work after the break it might be a little bit till I can get to them.
Thank you as well for the mention, much more changes than listed.

A brief summary: all systems are receiving special attention to make sure they function as intended and are completely bug free. QOL Additions, Polish, corrections, and stabilization/efficiency improvements have been made to the entire source. This is all in preparation for adding TONS of raw content that will be bug free.

Added affinity for pvp (dark- and light+) which work in conjunction with the afterlife. If you are - you go to the river of darkness, if you are + you go to the holy light! Added blood spill for dead enemies/creatures.

So far building, smithing, smelting, digging, extra functions (like carving, chopping, mining, etc) received attention. Added storage containers to the build menu. Can store logs, ore or food. Added a "Destroy Property" verb for players so they can destroy the things they build, or reset the turf they alter with "Sod Grass".

Many additions to the game have been made that improve the QOL in the game, such as the sundial (object you can build) that provides the date/time (during the day, can't read at night) and also a compass that can help lead you back to your base when you go out hunting. Very nice! Thank Kidpaddle45 for his "Compas" library.

Many bug fixes have been implemented for spells, combat, pvp, day/night/lighting/time and sound system with so much more!

For mining, besides fixing the mining code, I've fixed the novice pickaxe (the one you can make when you have nothing but wilderness) and added the stone rocks to the map you need to use it. I have also made the rocks a little more discernible between one another.

For spells, went through each of them and fixed them all. Added an afterlife and a spell to revive those who are in it (including yourself). Improved the spell icons and made new ones!

The interface has been improved upon and now features a sun&moon phase dial to show you what time of day it is, which I think is pretty neat. Buttons have been moved or removed, graphics have been improved (ex: the journal read icon is now an open book to better distinguish it from the other two journal icons). The sun dial shows you dawn, noon, dusk and night time without an object sundial built. (As if you are looking up into the sky) This stat is also featured in the statpanel as a nice touch.

I've colored all of the interface stats, added the ranks to the statpanel, adjusted all of the verbs.

I've added a cat class to the game and the ability to play as a female (which was a direct community request for release) with their own custom icons. The player icons are now randomly colored on creation (mainly for the cats to be diff colors, but it works great for all the enlistment classes!). Cat is basically the gardener and can fish and sow rich soil/plant seeds. (And just genuinely be a cat, to be improved upon armies will be a thing).

I re-enabled tree growth and made it grow based on season (instead of server tick based), so you can only chop a tree that is of the right age, or only pick sprouts from one growing them in the right season/etc (but logs remain on the ground so you can still find wood even out of season). This adds more life-like atmosphere to the game. There is even a christmas event where the trees change to xmas trees and will give a gift! Oh and you can also remove a chopped down tree stump with a shovel, now. (Still needs testing, need more testers!)

Thanks to Higoten the 3d positional audio works again after the small 2 line fix to Koil's soundmob library. It is nice to hear the waterfall and forest birds again, ahh relaxing. Will be fun to add sound effects for smithing and everything else I can think of, oh the atmosphere!

I've added biomes to the 700x700 sandbox map. Now you can build in Snow, Desert, Jungle or Pyroclastic as well as the default world. No loading or area change required...(need to have a finer mapping touchup later)

I've added creatures to the sandbox so they can provide the much-needed materials required for smithing a lot of the more advanced equipment, such as heavy armors. These creatures also have a diablo-style drop system and will drop meat, materials and potions that are trapped in their guts from consuming their prey (that's you). Eventually I will add more creatures, including ones that you can tame and utilize for animal husbandry including but not limited to horses, oxen, etc. This means more craft skills like rope making, horseshoe smithing, wood working to make the plows/yoke/etc. Many kingdom wars to be had, I can see the field of battle filled with warriors standing off already.

Additionally, as you may know, I sometimes get distracted by feature creep or extra designs, and this time its Pondera Realtime mode. The in-game clock can be made to work with server time and thus will be night time when its night IRL, and will be the season it is IRL and the date. This could be used in the future to make a "modern" version of Pondera... just an idea and I have it zipped up ready to go. Another idea is to simply build the story mode into this sandbox mode I am making (simplify!) and connect lands together that create it. Bringing back to life another one of my old designs. Depends on performance (no issues so far, wish byond could go 64bit and recognize my 128gb of ram and two CPU's, that would be just grand. Imagine the games we could host then? :))

Yeah I fixed the land generator but that isn't a big deal! :) It is useful (it's existed for years, it's actually built from garthors generator snippet on these forums!)

As additional reminders I added cancel options to the menus (so you are no longer forced to build or dig if you don't want to!) and wood/stone forts/houses and all presently available objects are buildable in the game, landscaping works. You can build a fort kingdom on a mountain top surrounded by ditches (filled with water, even!). Maybe tunnels some day... Okay I'll stop typing.

Sorry for the long post, I like typing and sharing information. Many updates and more to come! Thanks again. Pondera?tab=index#desc

One last thought... I have a list of ideas for different era's of "Pond" era. The names are a work in progress but they go a long the lines of a high-tech/mecha era "Endera" or "Mechaera", An all cat world (like heaven) called something like "Felera"/"Catera"/"Kitera" (yeah I know, clever names, right?), Zombie apocalypse "Apocera", All horses "Equinera", Elemental spirits "Elera", Superheroes/Villains "Heroera", All animals "Beastera", Mythical creatures "Mythera", Future Modern "Cybera", Even older than medieval/ Stone age or Dinosaurs "Huntera", Of course Medieval exists "Pondera", and last but not least Pre and Post industrial revolution eras named "Victera" and "Indera or Factera". All of these I wrote down on a pad of paper before I went to bed one night (brainstorming all themes I could think of). These themes can easily be applied after Pondera is "finished" by simply changing the graphics and the functions a bit. This is why development took so long. I think too much! Got lots of time to...with the additional thought being that the game as a whole could progress through all of these "eras" as it ages through the in-game years (kind of like civilization games)... Ciao.
how i fix byond hub is unreaheable?
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how i fix byond hub is unreaheable?

It's most likely temporary conditions due to maintenance. I just opened the site again and it appears cloudflare successfully loaded! Hoorah! GJ webteam.
I love being mentioned in these things. It's actually a really big boost to my confidence, though I am here to actually tell you about my GiAD, I'll Be Home for Christmas based off older arcade gameplay and is -really- hard. I suggest trying it. It's pretty fun thanks lol.
Hello readers and sorry for the radio silence! January turned out to be tough month with long hours at work and a slew of other events/commitments/sickness taking over in between. Whatever reasoning aside, I'm aiming to release Within BYOND #130 sometime this week!