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Currently, without some honestly hacky code that conflicts with hover-over examining and other features, there isn't a way to detect clicking on tiles that the player cannot see. I think a sane way to do this is that for

it will pass the object as null, the location as null, and control normally, and params normally. A good way to prevent previous games from runtiming to introducing a feature would be to either make it a skin option or adding some variable option in world to allow for mouse events to register this way.
Better interface:
..() -> /turf/BlindClick(control,params)

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MrStonedOne wrote:
Better interface:
> /client/BlindClick(location,control,params)
> ..() -> /turf/BlindClick(control,params)

You'd have to make that for the rest of the mouse procs, though.
yeah, theres like a billion mouse procs
There's 10.