It's been a pretty good week of bug fixes here, taking care of some 513 stuff, although there are a few more bugs outstanding like an issue with area icons that seems to be coming up in some projects. The animation fix in 513.1506 that allowed for caching apparently had some broken logic in it that started causing problems in other animations, especially it would seem parallel animations although I haven't confirmed that; this is believed to be fixed in yesterday's 513.1507 release, but I'm awaiting further confirmation to add it to the release notes.

Although 513 is getting closer to being the new stable build, there are still a few small issues shaking out here and there with new filters and render targets that it's not quite there yet, but it's getting closer. There may be some additional features incoming, too. One of the minor features on my radar is that I'd like to support justified text alignment in maptext, putting extra space between words as needed, and it'd be nice to be able to support multiple alignments which currently that doesn't do. One ulterior motive here is that the maptext engine could be used to give fuller HTML support to the label control and also grid/info controls.

However, one of the things looming largest is the desire to get the CEF project back off the ground and move forward with that, because it's a long-term time investment and will almost certainly take us through the 514 transition at least. With CEF, Windows XP support will finally officially come to an end, if it hasn't already by then.

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Here's hoping you all have a great weekend. My team may be out of the playoffs, but I take heart that so is the team that took them out, so are the Patriots, and my backup team is still in the hunt. It's the trifecta of consolation prizes.
Bill Belichick is just being merciful this year..
Keep up the great work.