Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Lets start 2020 off with some updates!

New Features

Black Sea Island Conquering
You can now fight over and conquer the islands in Black Sea providing amazing buffs.

How to conquer: You will first need to find the islands flag and stake your claim.
If there is anyone else attempting to claim the island you will need to dispatch them.

Once you have claimed the island you and your crew or fleet receive the buffs from said island while you are on that island.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on the buffs. We read every suggestion.

Boss Enemies in Black Sea have a chance to drop void and diamond drills.
Boss Enemies = Any Enemy in Black Sea that is not a Rotz Pawn.


Completing all daily challenges now provides players with a Rested Buff increasing all ambition gains by 25%

All Weight Training tweaked. Takes slightly longer between reps to get exp.
Once Level 2500 Ambition is reached Weight Training ambition gains reduced by 50%.


New Seasonal Food: New Years Cake

Heirloom chest now have a 90% chance at a wisdom stone and a 5% chance at a box of wisdom stones per open.

Legendary drop rate increased slightly across all servers

Siren notes can now be popped in 1 hit.

Efficiency changes to the way UI HP,End,Fat and exp bars work.


5 new hairstyles at the barber! Thank you Blany Thank you Kardon.

Bug Fixes

-Fury/Balance/Guardian Gems now let you know they don't work on weapons and will no longer allow you to use them on weapons

Lycan's Passive combat chance to jump behind the enemy now makes sure to face the enemy after the effect.


We are now on a more recent version of the engine. If you are having any issues getting on the game please reinstall the game. 

Season 2
Season 2 Is on its way. It will no longer be a PVP only season. It will be a PVP and PVE Season. Which means events and other PVP activities will provide players with massive amounts of seasonal exp.

The reward art assets are currently being created. Here is a Preview of one of the many cosmetic options that will be available as season rewards. Thank you Blany and Jordan for working on these.

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