Dragonball Encore The Undying

by Darkblaidd
This is a Dragonball-based RP Game. Discord Link is in the Rules when you log in. Read the rules. Important message in the first four lines.
Over the course of the past several years this game has gone hubless, died, and come back again, and again, and again. We're at it again folks, but this wipe's a little special. Website links directly to our Discord.

This is an RP, Turn-based fighting Dragonball game. Be sure to read the rules when you're inside, the game's opening pop-up with the rules also has the discord link in there. A comprehensive guide is being updated on the discord on a regular basis.
I would like to petiton to be unbanned
Come back next wipe, and we'll talk.
But Vlaid banned me because I told her off for ignoring me and telling me what the right choice for an event reward was. They didn't even say it as a suggestion, and when I told them that they didnt know how I was going to play my character and if they were going to act like that they are better off just playing every character. Their solution was to ip ban me.
They are me. I am they. Come back next wipe, and we'll talk. We don't do 'unban petitions'. It is not a thing. Vlaid is a male, for the record. That being said - and again - defense is mandatory as a stat -regardless- of what your build is. Do not bother me with this again.
Okay fine, sorry. I just wanted to leave a stat open for rp growth but fine. If having balanced stats is mandatory then could you at least put that somewhere in the rules? Also, sorry for bugging you and I do apoplogize for being rude to Vlaid but he also didn't exactly help in descalting the matter. My main point is that the only reason I was give was because they just know better.
Anyway, when is the next wipe?
So are bans always just you are out until next wipe or is there time restraints
Case-by-case basis.