Is anyone still here to help me out? I've been having trouble port forwarding.. I've tried so many things. Looked up so much stuff, but i still can't seem to figure anything out. First, I opened the port to 57393, on my IPv4 address to TCP/UDP. then enables all 3 rules on my IPv4 firewall, aka dreamdaemon.exe, byond.exe, dreamseeker.exe. to the SAME port on TCP/UDP, but still when i try hosting, it can't connect to the hub. I hope someone can help. It's frustrating me so much. Having lack of specific videos or certain forms, it's hard.
Share more information, like router model, any firewalls, virus protection, malware protection, operating system, etc...
My router model is C1100Z from ZyXEL

The only firewall i have is windows, and its accepting all byond files and what not. Besides that, like i said, i've also accepted all 3 things on the IPv4 Firewall of my router.

also thank you for replying pretty quickly. i was thinking no one would help ;-; or respond
You will first set up a static IP for your computer.
Network Utilities: network-utilities/

After doing that, your static IP is the IP address you will manually enter into the port forwarding rules.

When picking a port, be sure to use TCP and UDP. I usually enter a range of ports just in case a port was taken already. Maybe something like
Starting Port: 12022
Ending Port: 12024

Be sure to click the "All IP addresses" option.

Now that Network Utilities program you downloaded will be able to check open ports.

My guess is that your firewall is preventing communication. The router itself should have a firewall, under Advanced Setup -> Security -> IPv4 Firewall. You can disable that firewall or set up rules to allow dreamseeker.exe, dreamdaemon.exe, and byond.exe to communicate over the ports specified in Port Forwarding.

Then you must create rules on Windows Firewall to allow the same incoming and outgoing traffic from byond.exe, dreamdaemon.exe, and dreamseeker.exe.

well thats basically what i said in the start. though i was using my IPv4 address and not a static ip. my ipv4 in my router has already allowed those 3 rules to the port i use. and my windows firewall allows it too, but ill try. also i thought network utilities wasn't free, so ill try using that too
Glad I could help. Happy hosting!