Hello Readers! It would seem that the Groundhog's prediction might hold a hint of truth this year, with the past week consisting of warm weather and sunny skies, robins, birds, flowers, and... ten inches of snow by the weekend?!? Well, that's the way this season goes and likely means I'll be hit with the flu soon, but let's check out what developers around BYOND are up to!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR pushed a release (alright, technically two), three weeks in the making, covering multiple bug fixes, all while dodging the flu. In some instances, compile times are faster, alpha mask issues were corrected, and a crash was put to rest. The skin revamp is still underway, and plans for 514 are floating around, like shadow casting and the IE replacement (Hey, Microsoft made the same move!).


Shields up! That's Bravo1's latest development for Dark Star, with the main character being able to deploy a shield to help negate damage from enemies. It takes quite a bit of power to use however, and will drain over time and require a moment to recharge after being damaged. Plans are in place to allow shield upgrades through the skill tree.

The team over at Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar, has been hard at work adding and revamping spells and altering RPP requirements. Volcanic Barrier, Lightning Javelin, Ice Spike Barrage, and Bubble Blast are all new to the roster, while Soul Drain and Shockwave have been altered. Anvils now stick around after world reboots, and mid-range spells have had their costs cut, while a 50-year time-skip is considered.

Season 2 of Rise of the Pirates has begun! That means that new rewards are ready to be gained and that EXP is gained faster than before, with increases being made on Black Seas bosses, chests, and on daily task completions. Tournament events give a consolation prize to the less fortunate contenders, and cameras now work correctly.

Adventure Quest is an in-development RPG, and HartWing has shared where the game currently stands and peeks into his future vision for the game. He mentions that the terrain varies, and provides a source for materials. Players gain rank and potential by trying and completing tasks, the laws of capitalism dominate the NPC markets, and equipment is affected by modifiers.

Phat T conducted a GIF drop, showing the current status of Shootha. Check out the intro, wide array of weapon selections, power saving mode, zombies, and conflict. Then there is... whatever happened here.

Kozuma3 may only have intermittent access to the Internet, but that hasn't kept them from making progress on Elora! There is now a second town to explore, and a tutorial gets players started. A statpoint is gained every three levels, and armor is in, while equipment in general now has modifiers. Death comes with its own appearance, while monsters tend not to cluster in groups as before.

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  • Ter13 took some time to revisit his Snippet Sunday Series, making mentions of how new BYOND features have affected his snippets.
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