Work continues here, so I've been at work all week on bug and feature stuff.

It's been a weird week because I keep trying to fix some issues related to maptext and every time I do, something else pops up that manages to squeak past testing. So while I'm making progress, there've been a number of builds this week and I'm going to buck the Friday curse to put another one out later today.

Maptext hasn't been the only moving target, since a fix for a Unicode issue caused havoc in Linux builds. But such is the nature of bug fixes: sometimes it's like trying to push lumps out of wallpaper.

When the worst is past (in terms of code, of course) I definitely want to move forward on more 514 plans and the CEF project. It's hard psyching up to deal with that morass of undocumented filth, but a man has to start somewhere.

I want to thank everyone who's contributed to BYOND as a Member or via other means including Patreon. Your support is huge, and with everything going on in the world it means all the more to me right now.

Stay safe out there, everybody.
Nice Job Lummox JR!