Dragonball Z Online Unlimited

by John007qwe
Dragonball Z Online Unlimited
Train to become the strongest!
UPDATE: I have been working on Ultra Super Saiyan recently. So, expect some semblance of USSJ next time we host :O. As well as some new threads for your character.
how much propress you guys got and wen do you think a server will be up
Unfortunately, I revealed what I wanted to reveal in the "UPDATE" I had made previously. And about the server, I can't give you a definitive answer, mainly since I get caught up in school sometimes. But, We have done significant work and do expect a lot of new features :P.
on next update could put some more clothens and allow us use swords if we want too on next update if you can
That's the new beam clash icon :D
when the game gonna be online?
Dead game?
No, the game is far from dead. Progress is just difficult since the Dev Team consists of two people. We both have personal lives. However, John and I both really want the game to become complete. Just don't expect much response from us if no one is active on the forums.
We are currently working on adding in the new inventory system as well as the Namekian race. Some changes has been made to beams, and beam struggling has been readded and made much cooler!
:O an update I didn't write... WOOOOO!!!!
New screenshots uploaded for your viewing pleasure. They include the new inventory UI as well as new character bases.
the game is looking better and better you guys maked some work at it looks soo cool but I have a question you guys finished the race system?
Not yet. Getting closer though.
That would be my fault Marius. It's time consuming to make all the states for one race. The Male Tan base has 49 states alone and some of those states with 4 frames each.
so when race system is finished?
I'm working as much as I can. I'm not getting paid for this so I have to spend my free time on it.
so when the game gonna be up?
If anyone is interested in helping with making the turfs and maps, please contact me or Striking Chaos.
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