Dragonball Z Online Unlimited

by John007qwe
Dragonball Z Online Unlimited
Train to become the strongest!
This game gonna be the most original dbz in byond history
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Marius23 wrote:
This game gonna be the most original dbz in byond history

&Best DBZ game

Thank you for aggreing victor
Haha. Of course you don't look at the forums for a week and everyone posts. >_> Thanks for the comments guys!
Also, I might add that I'm now officially on break for thanksgiving! No school or work for the rest of the week *wipes forehead*. Wooooo! *Looks at the list of things piled up* Uhhhh yeaaahhh too bad it's only a week. :D
You better get to work then! No mercy :o
made the description very cool when you gonna host?
Next year.
Might be sooner than expected. I need to test the dungeon system i've been working on, and there's no better way to do that than doing an open server testing!
Have you been f5'ing this page all day long? :p I dont know when yet, but should be next week if i get the icons done i need. *CoughlazyPaulcough*
Alright nice and yea I support this game!
Oh boy. You know how much I love spriting the same thing 20 times over and over :D
xD,keep up the good work guys
Set a realese date
August 23rd, 2023.

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I'll keep growing a beard until it's hit final release. Said beard shall become a super saiyan 3 beard.

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